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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Jay Kaeppel
Murphy’s Law And T-Bonds
By Jay Kaeppel - Apr 07, 2015

I hate to sound paranoid but, boy, Murphy sure hates me. last month I wrote an article titled “A Risky (but Darned Exciting) Strategy for T-Bond Traders.” The simple idea detailed in the ...

Gary Christenson
3 Sigma Extremes In The Bond Market
By Gary Christenson - Apr 06, 2015

US T-Bond futures closed Friday, March 27 up nearly 12% from the February close. That was the 3rd largest monthly percent move since 1977 when my data begins and created a 3.61 standard deviation ...

David Kotok
Negative Interest Rates: Here To Stay?
By David Kotok - Mar 20, 2015

As markets focused on Chair Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve’s (Fed’s) removal of the word patient from Wednesday’s statement following the latest FOMC meeting, Sveriges Riksbank...

Doug Short
WSJ 10-Year Yield Forecasts And Fed Funds Rate
By Doug Short - Mar 18, 2015

The big economic news today will start the statement from the Federal Open Market Committee at 2 PM ET and followed by Janet Yellen's press conference 30 minutes later. The economic press has been a ...

The 5 Most Crowded Trades: Part 2
By EconMatters  - Mar 17, 2015

Bonds The most crowded trade on Wall Street, the globe, or a beach in Brazil is the Bond Yield Chasing/Price Appreciation trade. This sector or asset class is an absolute bubble, the magnitude of ...