Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Chris Kimble
Junk Bonds Outperform Stocks
By Chris Kimble - Jan 08, 2016

Junk bonds have been in the news over the past few months, mostly in a bad way, as they have been falling in price since April of 2014. The chart above looks at the Junk Bond (N:HYG)/S&P 500 ...

Chris Ciovacco
Bonds May Be Key Bear-Market 'Tell'
By Chris Ciovacco - Jan 06, 2016

Since maximum fear in the financial markets tends to create demand for safer-haven bonds, the chart of long-term Treasuries (N:TLT) should be helpful from a risk-assessment perspective. If stocks ...

Eric De Groot
Review Of US 10-Year Bonds
By Eric De Groot - Dec 27, 2015

A series of interest rates cuts and a reduction in reserve requirements by China and numerous 'competitive' currency devaluations, suggest not only a quiet panic behind the velvet ropes of leadership ...

Gordon Long
Something Is Burning In High Yield Corporates
By Gordon Long - Dec 24, 2015

John Rubino and Gordon T Long discuss the alarming developments in the Junk (High Yield) Bond market. John was warning on his last appearance on Macro Analytics about the things he was seeing, while ...

Chris Kimble
Junk Bonds Vs. The Broad Market
By Chris Kimble - Dec 21, 2015

No doubt junk bonds have tanked over the past two years, diverging against the S&P 500. Historically, when Junk is weak the broad market tends to struggle to move much to the upside. Junk-bond ...

Jesse Felder
What Junk-Bond Rout?
By Jesse Felder - Dec 18, 2015

There's an ongoing debate about the current state of the junk-bond market and what it means for equities and, more broadly, the economy. Spreads on the junkiest of junk bonds have recently moved to ...