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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Michael Harris
Critical Yield Levels For the 10-Year Note By Michael Harris - Nov 14, 2016

After making a new low at 1.34% in July of this year, 10-Year Note yields have rallied to close at 2.2% last Thursday (the bond market was closed on Friday.) Below is a chart with critical levels for ...

Chris Kimble
Is The U.S. Rate Rally Over? By Chris Kimble - Nov 11, 2016

For years it has seemed that many thought interest rates would move higher, yet they haven’t. Well they sure have lately, at a record pace as interest rates this week experienced the sharpest ...

Jason Sen
Bund Bottoms At Strong Support Of 159.85/75 By Jason Sen - Nov 11, 2016

Bund has so far bottomed exactly at strong support at 159.85/75 but we also have important strong support again at 159.65/60. Within this 25 tick band is the best chance of an end to the 3 month bull...

John Mousseau
The Day After In Bondland By John Mousseau - Nov 10, 2016

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved” – William Jennings Bryan, 1899 (Democratic candidate...

Gregory W. Harmon
Harmonics In Treasuries By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 04, 2016

The markets in general are going through a rough patch. Some say it is because of the upcoming election, and they may be right. US Treasuries have had it rough for over 4 months at this point. Much ...

David Solin
US 10-Year Yield: Upside Limited By David Solin - Nov 04, 2016

Near-Term US 10-Year Note Yield Outlook: The Oct 26 note said that there was scope for further upside, but gains above the Oct 17th high at 1.81% may be limited. The market did indeed rally from ...

Marc Chandler
U.S. Political Anxiety Stems Bond Selloff By Marc Chandler - Nov 02, 2016

One of the most significant market developments has been the rising bond yields. This has now been checked by the risk aversion spurred by new narrowing of the odds of a Clinton victory. The US ...