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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Erik Swarts
At The Break Zone In Yields
By Erik Swarts - Aug 07, 2014

Despite indications of short-term momentum and sentiment extremes, 10-year yields continue to follow the arc of the 1994/1995 rate tightening cycle and are currently hovering around the break-zone of ...

James Picerno
Dangerous Summer: Risk-Off Is On Again
By James Picerno - Aug 07, 2014

Late last month I wondered if lower yields were signaling higher risk? The question still resonates. Indeed, the benchmark U.S. 10-Year Treasury yield is under 2.50% again, or near the lowest levels ...

Gary Gordon
Don’t Fight The T-Bill ETF Trend
By Gary Gordon - Aug 04, 2014

Media pundits have attributed recent stock skittishness to geopolitical tension in Eastern Europe, military conflict in the Middle East, a 4.0% initial reading for 2nd quarter GDP growth, a hawkish ...

Lance Roberts
The Interest-Rate Conundrum
By Lance Roberts - Aug 01, 2014

After several months of quite complacency, investors were woken up Thursday by a sharp sell off driven by concerns over potential rising inflationary pressures, rising credit default risk and weak ...

Erik Swarts
Stepping Down With 10-Year Yields
By Erik Swarts - Jul 31, 2014

Despite Wednesday's strong GDP print that reinvigorated the raise-rates camp and sparked an almost 4 percent rally in 10-year yields, we continue to feel these participants are once again placing the ...

James Picerno
Are Lower Yields Signaling Higher Risk?
By James Picerno - Jul 30, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to higher interest rates: yields took a surprising turn lower. The 10-Year Treasury yield yesterday dipped under 2.47%, near the lowest level since a swoon in ...

Chris Tell
Bond Funds: The World’s Most Crowded Trade
By Chris Tell - Jul 30, 2014

With over $900 billion invested into bond funds by mom-and-pop investors since the global financial crisis, the great law of unintended consequence is gearing up to rear its ugly head. Once again, ...