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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Gary Christenson
Bikers, Bonds And Black Swans
By Gary Christenson - Jun 01, 2015

A “black swan” event occurred at a gathering of outlaw bikers on Sunday, May 17 in Waco, Texas. According to news stories a fight broke out between several motorcycle gangs at the Twin ...

Investment U
Pension Bonds: A Dangerous Trend?
By Investment U - May 31, 2015

It is a fascinating trend -- something every investor must be aware of. It’s yet another reason interest rates are likely to stay lower for far longer than most folks ever expected. If rates ...

Mike Paulenoff
10-Year Treasury Yield Points Lower
By Mike Paulenoff - May 31, 2015

This past week, the U.S. 10-Year yield broke and sustained below key support at 2.18% - 2.15%, and continued lower Friday in reaction to deteriorating economic data.The break of key support signaled ...

James Picerno
T-Bill Trends And MAs
By James Picerno - May 29, 2015

The recent stumble in US economic data raises new questions about the timing of the Fed’s plans for raising interest rates. The earliest forecast for the first round of tightening monetary ...

Jay Kaeppel
Good News Bonds, Bad News Bonds
By Jay Kaeppel - May 27, 2015

First the (potential) good news. The (potential) good news is that one trend in bonds that I wrote about a while back here and here may finally (potentially) be playing out the “right ...

Danske Markets
Fixed Income Market Watch: Sweden  
By Danske Markets - May 20, 2015

A quantitative run through of the Swedish fixed income market, starting with the Riksbank and money markets before moving on to government and mortgage bonds. To Read the Entire Report Please Click...

Michael Pento
Bond Bubble Will Explode Violently
By Michael Pento - May 18, 2015

Central banks are incapable of saving economies or creating growth. The only thing a central bank can do is create inflation. These market manipulators set forth on a journey seven years ago to save ...

Cullen Roche
Thoughts On The Bond Debacle
By Cullen Roche - May 17, 2015

Earlier this year I discussed the fairly dramatic change in my view on long-term government bonds. In essence, I said that bonds were irrationally priced given the low likelihood of deflation that the...

Urban Carmel
Time To Sell Junk Bonds? Maybe Not
By Urban Carmel - May 15, 2015

Summary Junk bonds (1) appear to be fairly valued relative to treasuries, (2) their underlying default levels are not ticking higher and (3) based on their short history, they will not likely lose ...

Marc Chandler
T-Bills, Bunds And The Euro
By Marc Chandler - May 14, 2015

There are two separate but related developments that are lifting the euro to its best level in three-months against the US dollar. First, the US economy is off to a disappointing start to Q2 after the...