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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

John Mousseau
Muni Bonds: Third-Quarter 2016 Review By John Mousseau - Sep 27, 2016

A Market in Transition? The municipal bond market finally slowed down during 3Q2016, as shown in Tables 1 and 2. The muni market cheapened on both a nominal and a relative basis. Why? Some of this ...

Michael Pento
Bond Bubble Has Reached Its Apogee By Michael Pento - Sep 20, 2016

Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren recently rattled markets when he warned that low-interest rates were increasing the temperature of the U.S. economy, which now runs the risk of overheating. That ...

Investment U
A Big Opportunity In The Bond Market By Investment U - Sep 12, 2016

Leave it to the government to screw things up. As the Zero Economy trudges forward, more and more distortions are rippling through the world of money. You can thank the world’s money maestros. ...

Jay Kaeppel
Seasonality In The Bond Market? You Bet By Jay Kaeppel - Sep 08, 2016

For those who are willing to see it, there is strong evidence that reasonably persistent seasonal trends exist in the stock market (see here). But what about the bond market? Do seasonal trends exist ...

Chris Kimble
Stocks Eye Junk For Direction By Chris Kimble - Sep 07, 2016

Junk bonds are often viewed as leading indicators for stocks. Below looks at junk bond ETF JNK and the technical hurdles it faces. When junk bonds turned weak in 2014, stocks struggled to move much ...

David Fabian
The Great Bond Shift Rolls On By David Fabian - Sep 02, 2016

If there is one major theme that pervades the financial markets this year, it’s the shift from stocks to bonds. You can romanticize the momentum in gold stocks. You can peek at emerging-market ...

Austin Galt
A Final High For The 35 Year Bond Bull Market By Austin Galt - Sep 02, 2016

We are looking for a final top to the massive bond bull market that began in 1981. While it is possible the final top is in place, I am leaning to one final marginal high before everything goes belly ...