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Danske Markets
Reading The Markets Sweden  
By Danske Markets - Jun 18, 2015

We are on holdNIER, the Riksbank and inflationLimit exposure to the money market curve To Read the Entire Report Please Click on the pdf File Below

Cam Hui
Return Of The Bond Market Vigilantes?
By Cam Hui - Jun 17, 2015

As we await the FOMC statement and the Janet Yellen press conference after the FOMC meeting, I thought that I would highlight the results of the latest BoAML Fund Manager Survey (FMS). A review of the...

Jason Sen
Euro Bund Futures Top At 151.80/85
By Jason Sen - Jun 16, 2015

Euro Bund Futures sold off to first support at 151.10/00 and bottomed exactly here. Longs here today need stops below 150.85. Be ready to sell a break below 150.90 to target 150.68/65, perhaps as far...

Mike Paulenoff
Are T-Bills Signaling A Dovish Fed?
By Mike Paulenoff - Jun 15, 2015

The juxtaposition of the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond (ARCA:TLT) and its daily, RSI-Momentum Gauge at the June 11 low suggests strongly that the TLT recovery rally from 115.26 is only partially ...

Erik Swarts
Yields: Breaking Away
By Erik Swarts - Jun 11, 2015

With the 10-year yield breaking away from the top of its 2015 range, Treasury yields continue to push higher with all the bravado of an Italian cutter racing in Bloomington. Technically, the 10-year ...

Ed Yardeni
Abrupt Normalization In The Bond Market
By Ed Yardeni - Jun 11, 2015

One simple model of the U.S. 10-Year bond yield compares it to the growth rate of US nominal GDP on a y/y basis. While real GDP fell 0.7% (saar) during Q1 on a q/q basis, it was up 2.7% y/y, ...

Marc Chandler
German Bunds, Inflation And The Euro
By Marc Chandler - Jun 10, 2015

The dramatic sell-off in German bunds caught many investors off guard. The conventional wisdom, for which we too were sympathetic, was that there was going to be a shortage of bunds. The Grand ...

Tim Knight
Interest-Rate Rally
By Tim Knight - Jun 09, 2015

When I pointed out the trend-line break that interest rates made last week, there was a hail of chortles and catcalls about how useless it was since it was so “obvious”. There's nothing ...

Danske Markets
Fixed Income Market Watch: Sweden  
By Danske Markets - Jun 09, 2015

A quantitative run through of the Swedish Fixed Income market, starting with the Riksbank and money markets before moving on to government and mortgage bonds. To Read the Entire Report Please Click...