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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Dan Faretta
Is The 30 Year Ready For A Bounce?
By Dan Faretta - Feb 18, 2015

Since October of last year the US 30 Year T-Bond rallied 15 handles up to 151. Since February the market has pullback about 4.5 percent to the 144 level. That is a very nice, healthy pullback in a ...

Jason Sen
Gilts Daily Forecast: Prices Bottomed At 119.35
By Jason Sen - Feb 18, 2015

Gilts key to today's direction is important support at 119.39/35. Although yesterday's action was very negative we are oversold and this is good support, so could still hold today. However be ready ...

Mike Paulenoff
T-Bill Nears Major Technical Hurdle
By Mike Paulenoff - Feb 17, 2015

It's the moment of truth for U.S. Treasury Bonds, especially the 10-year, which has climbed from 1.64% on Jan 30 to Tuesday's recovery high at 2.09%. Notice that yield is bumping up against its ...

Eric De Groot
Review Of U.S. Treasury Bonds
By Eric De Groot - Feb 16, 2015

US Treasury bonds (ARCA:TLT), confined to cause building since 2012, jumped the creek of resistance at 129.60. This breakout, the trigger that likely convinces the bagholders of the bond bubble to buy...

Dan Norcini
Long Bond Breakdown
By Dan Norcini - Feb 15, 2015 1

Well, here we go again. I do not know how many times over the past year or so I have noted what looked like a chart breakdown in the U.S. long bond. By that I specifically mean a close BELOW the 50 ...

Tim Knight
The Long Bond Opportunity
By Tim Knight - Feb 12, 2015

The Greece rumors are flying so fast, even Tyler is having trouble keeping up……. So let’s set aside the drama with Ukraine and Greece for the moment and talk about bonds. My view ...

Broz On Bonds: 30-year Bond Levels For Feb 10
By MrTopStep - Feb 11, 2015

Adjusted on: 2/9 U.S. 30-Year Bond: 146.29 could be a problem being short below this pivot but trade bonds KNOWING that this pivot is crucial for next direction. Weakness seeks 146.11 (SUPPORT) and ...

Trader Moe
H&S Vs. Fake H&S On U.S. 10-Year
By Trader Moe  - Feb 10, 2015

The U.S. 10-year t-note has formed a head-and-shoulders pattern at the top of a rising megaphone pattern. It’s nearing the H&S neckline and now has to decide whether to put in a genuine ...

Mark Lundeen
A Look At Bond Yields 1934 To 2015
By Mark Lundeen - Feb 08, 2015

Barron’s Best & Intermediate Grade Bond Yields provides us with an excellent history of investment grade bond yields from December 1938 when Barron’s first computed its Confidence ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Technically, Munis Look Good
By Gregory W. Harmon - Feb 06, 2015

The last three weeks covered a longer-term outlook, beyond 2015, in 13 major markets. Today, sticking with the longer-term charts we check in on the sleepy municipal bond market. Along with US ...