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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

James Picerno
Treasury Yields Reflect Macro Worry By James Picerno - Jan 15, 2016

Treasury yields have made a sharp U-turn lately. The 2-year yield—considered the most sensitive to rate expectations—has been sliding this month, falling to 0.90% yesterday (Jan. 14), ...

Jay Kaeppel
Complete JNK: An Update By Jay Kaeppel - Jan 14, 2016

As I have mentioned, I hope to offer more example option trades as a form of education. Yesterday I highlighted examples using options on JNK and SLV. (N:SLV) did well on Day 1, (N:JNK) did not. So a ...

Doug Short
Treasury Snapshot: 10-Year Note At 2.08% By Doug Short - Jan 14, 2016

The Fed finally raised rates last month and ended the almost decade-long ZIRP policy. Let's take a closer look at US Treasuries since the decision. The yield on the 10-year note ended the day today at...

Michael Pento
Junk Rhymes With Subprime By Michael Pento - Jan 12, 2016

On December 16, 2008, in what Ben Bernanke averred took a tremendous amount of “moral courage”, the Federal Reserve officially arrived at its Zero Interest Rate Policy. ZIRP was a huge win...

Chris Kimble
Junk Bonds Outperform Stocks By Chris Kimble - Jan 08, 2016

Junk bonds have been in the news over the past few months, mostly in a bad way, as they have been falling in price since April of 2014. The chart above looks at the Junk Bond (N:HYG)/S&P 500 ...

Chris Ciovacco
Bonds May Be Key Bear-Market 'Tell' By Chris Ciovacco - Jan 06, 2016

Since maximum fear in the financial markets tends to create demand for safer-haven bonds, the chart of long-term Treasuries (N:TLT) should be helpful from a risk-assessment perspective. If stocks ...

Eric De Groot
Review Of US 10-Year Bonds By Eric De Groot - Dec 27, 2015

A series of interest rates cuts and a reduction in reserve requirements by China and numerous 'competitive' currency devaluations, suggest not only a quiet panic behind the velvet ropes of leadership ...

Gordon Long
Something Is Burning In High Yield Corporates By Gordon Long - Dec 24, 2015

John Rubino and Gordon T Long discuss the alarming developments in the Junk (High Yield) Bond market. John was warning on his last appearance on Macro Analytics about the things he was seeing, while ...