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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Ed Yardeni
Bond Yields Heading Toward Zero
By Ed Yardeni - Feb 02, 2015

Last year, in the 5/8 Morning Briefing, I discussed nine reasons why yields were falling rather than rising, using the following headings: “Bond shortage,” “Portfolio ...

Tim Knight
Bonds Ready To Sink?
By Tim Knight - Jan 23, 2015

Bonds have been in a virtually uninterrupted uptrend since New Year’s Eve, 2013. Looking at interest rates, I wonder if we have turned the corner and are heading into higher rates. Examining ...

Marc Chandler
Japanese/Chines U.S. T-Bill Holdings
By Marc Chandler - Jan 20, 2015

This Great Graphic, created on Bloomberg, shows Japan's (white line) and China's (yellow line) holdings of U.S. Treasuries in November 2014 based on the latest TIC data. Japan's holdings rose to a ...

BNP Paribas
How Loose Should ECB Policy Be?
By BNP Paribas - Jan 20, 2015

Through the use of a dynamic Taylor rule we detect how loose the ECB monetary policy stance should be. Our ECB reaction function, suggests that short-term interest rates should have to be negative and...

Petros Steriotis
10 Year T-Note: Today's Outlook
By Petros Steriotis - Jan 20, 2015

Treasury prices were rejected from technical resistance @ 131 on Friday. Holding above 129,50 keeps the bullish scenario intact. The Fed is not in a hurry to increase interest rates as long as oil ...