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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Danny Riley
S&P 500 Futures; The Dip And The RIP   By Danny Riley - Apr 21, 2015

S&P Kung Fu Fighting.Tomorrow we have Redbook, a 4 Week T-bill Auction, and some big name earnings reports.News algos stretched out the S&P too far on the downside last Friday on big volume ...

Jack Steiman
Back To Near The Breakout... By Jack Steiman - Apr 21, 2015

Get near the top and sellers come in. Get to the bottom and buyers come in. Five months of sideways action does not feel good as there's always frustration felt by everyone. One week the bulls feel ...

Ryan Mallory
Two Triangles And A Megaphone By Ryan Mallory - Apr 21, 2015

SPX fell hard on Friday, made the smaller double top target and broke down from the larger double top. Shortly after the LOD SPX broke up from a falling wedge that I called on twitter, and closed the ...

Harry Boxer
4 Stock Picks: BIOC, EGRX, PAYC, TASR By Harry Boxer - Apr 21, 2015

The stock market started off the week with a nice pop on Monday. Let’s see if we can continue. A lot of our stocks are doing well. Let’s take a look at some of them. BioClinica ...

Declan Fallon
Bulls Regain Friday's Lost Ground By Declan Fallon - Apr 21, 2015

It was a good response from buyers to push markets higher through the day yesterday. However, the gains didn't really change the larger picture where markets remain range bound. In the case of the ...