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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Nord Gold Neutral Q2 Results   
By Edison  - Sep 08, 2013

Neutral Q2 results, key management changesNordgold (NORD.L) reported Q213 revenue of US$320m and EBITDA of US$106m, with total cash costs (TCC) falling 7.1% q-o-q to US$846/oz. The bottom line was ...

Avon Rubber: Middle East Contract Win   
By Edison  - Sep 08, 2013

Middle East contract winAvon Rubber (AVON.L) has announced a significant Middle East contract win for 52,000 of its C50 respirators with associated new MILCF50 filters for delivery in the 2014 ...

Warren Bevan
SPY Thoughts: A Move Higher?
By Warren Bevan - Sep 08, 2013

A wicked day Friday that started with a nice gap open that had me thinking we were off to the races but we quickly and sharply faded and I was selling like mad only to see a low in many and I was ...

Tim Ord
The Market Analysis: Remaining Bullish
By Tim Ord - Sep 08, 2013

30 to 90 days horizons SPX; Cover short 9/3/13 at 1639.77= gain 1.3%; Short SPX on 8/15/13 at 1661.32. Monitoring purposes Gold: Gold ETF GLD long at 173.59 on 9/21/11. Long Term Trend monitor ...

Dividend Yield
The 20 Top Yielding Ex-Dividend Shares
By Dividend Yield - Sep 08, 2013

Dividend Investors should have a quiet overview of stocks with upcoming ex dividend dates. The ex dividend date is the final date on which the new stock buyer wouldn’t receive the next ...

John Nyaradi
August's Hot And Cold ETFs
By John Nyaradi - Sep 08, 2013

August showed a wide spread between hot and cold ETFs Newton’s First Law says that an object in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an external force and oftentimes this law applies to the ...

David Merkel
Should You Buy Stock Or Not?
By David Merkel - Sep 08, 2013

Now let me try to answer the question. Yes, average people buying stocks with the small amount of money that they have, have no control over their investments. What is worse is that those who invest ...