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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Chris Ciovacco
Stock Rally Needs Earnings Decline To Slow By Chris Ciovacco - Jul 26, 2016

Markets Move On Shifts At The Margin Markets are constantly monitoring and assessing data on numerous fronts (earnings, interest rates, debt, etc.). Market prices are determined by facts in hand and ...

Ed Carlson
Stock Sentiment Is At Extreme Levels By Ed Carlson - Jul 26, 2016

Everything seems to say this market should be going down and yet price is always the final arbiter. July through October is a seasonally bullish period of the year for the VIX. The VIX closed last ...

Chris Vermeulen
Don’t Buy The SPX Hope Rally By Chris Vermeulen - Jul 26, 2016

All bubbles burst; the question is, when? “Quantitate Easing”, (QE), is much like an addiction. One needs more and more to get the initial effect, however this becomes an ...

Tim Knight
Small-Cap Breakout By Tim Knight - Jul 26, 2016

The moment the U.S. market opened Tuesday morning, the small caps went roaring out of the gate for no particular reason. As I write, they’re easing back a little but the chart is a bit worrisome...