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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Zacks Investment Research
Time To Buy The Tin ETF?
By Zacks Investment Research - Oct 12, 2013

September was a pretty rough month for commodities across the board. A partial government shutdown as well as concerns over raising the debt ceiling continued to put pressure on this corner of ...

Warren Bevan
Was That Just A Correction?
By Warren Bevan - Oct 11, 2013

"Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use." - Wendell JohnsonWow. What a huge overnight move in markets as a deal on a temporary debt ceiling extension looks to be in the...

Midnight Trader
U.S. Markets Snap 2-Week Losing Streak
By Midnight Trader - Oct 11, 2013

Stocks rose for a second day, Friday, lifting the major averages to weekly gains as the White House and Congressional leaders continued work on legislation to raise the national debt limit and reopen ...

Blair Jensen
Momentum Stocks Lagging Market
By Blair Jensen - Oct 11, 2013

The Twitter Top 10 Portfolio is under performing so far this month due to the recent crushing of momentum stocks. The portfolio has given up half the gains it made last month when momentum stocks ...

Tim Knight
Time To Short Cisco
By Tim Knight - Oct 11, 2013

It doesn’t have the sex appeal of a Tesla (TSLA) or a Netflix (NFLX), but I’ve found Cisco Systems (CSCO) to be a fairly reliable -- and staid -- trading vehicle. My idea, now, is to short it in size,...

Kevin Davitt
An Unchanged Week For Stocks
By Kevin Davitt - Oct 11, 2013

With fairly considerable intra-week volatility. Cash VIX highs around 21.25 and lows around 15.50.Once again......the Buy the Dip Crowd wins out. The S&Ps tested the 100 day moving average. The ...

Tim Knight
Shorting The Eaton Vance Diamond Pattern
By Tim Knight - Oct 11, 2013

Thanks to SocialTrade Mobile, I saw a user had posted a wonderful trade idea that had not occurred to me: specifically, shorting Eaton Vance (EV) based on its terrific diamond-topping pattern. (Oh, ...

Charles Sizemore
It's Not Too Late To Buy Daimler
By Charles Sizemore - Oct 11, 2013

After one of the best market days this year on Thursday, my recommendation of Daimler (DDAIF) in the Best Stocks of 2013 contest finally popped above the 50% mark for the first time this year, ...