Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

The Night Owl Trader
Tuesday Uncertain
By The Night Owl Trader - Dec 16, 2014

The Hoot Actionable ideas for the busy trader delivered daily right up front Tuesday uncertain. ES pivot 1996.92. Holding below is bearish. Rest of week bias uncertain technically. Monthly ...

Harry Boxer
Today's Stock Update
By Harry Boxer - Dec 16, 2014

The markets are ugly, breadth is three-to-one to the downside for advance-declines and up/down volume, and the market broke through key support and cascaded lower. It is certainly a bad way to start ...

Trader Moe
SPY Put-Call Ratio Falls Hard
By Trader Moe - Dec 16, 2014

The SPDR S&P 500 (ARCA:SPY) put-call ratio fell to 1.45 today on a large drop in open interest. SPY put volume fell by 19%. SPY call volume rose by 7%.VIX closed at or above its upper Bollinger ...

David Banister
Where Now For U.S. Markets?
By David Banister - Dec 15, 2014

The markets have been in a rough and tumble recent period here with a 3.5% decline last week along with a further drop to the 1982 lows so far on Monday. What is likely ahead? The S&P 500 ...

Declan Fallon
Further Selling, But More Likely
By Declan Fallon - Dec 15, 2014

The S&P 500 took another beating as it undercut its 50-day MA. The day finished with confirmed distribution without any clear late day surge by bulls. Tomorrow could offer more of the same, ...

Michael Pento
The Passive Management Bubble
By Michael Pento - Dec 15, 2014

We have happened upon that time in the investment cycle when investors vastly eschew active management of their assets in favor of a more passive management style. In fact, I read recently 461 Hedge ...

Guy S. Ortmann, CMT
Data Suggests A Bounce  
By Guy S. Ortmann, CMT - Dec 15, 2014

Charts See More Negative Signals Opinion The markets closed broadly lower on Friday with negative internals on higher volumes leaving the charts with a few more scars. However, the data is now ...

Hydrodec Trading Update  
By Edison - Dec 15, 2014

Busy behind the scenes Hydrodec (LONDON:HYR) has announced that it has arranged a $10m loan facility, which ensures the group has the cash required to expand operations beyond the six trains currently...

Jason Sen
FTSE: Forecast
By Jason Sen - Dec 15, 2014

FTSE 100 outlook remains negative after last week’s loss of over 500 points. A break below immediate support at 6200/6195 adds pressure to target 6150/45 with any further losses to...

Jason Sen
DAX: Forecast
By Jason Sen - Dec 15, 2014

DAX got to within 15 ticks of our ultimate target on Friday of 200 day moving average support at 9530/9520. Outlook remains negative so if trying longs here we need a stop below a small gap at 9490. ...