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Mitchell Clark
The Downside To Dow 20,0000
By Mitchell Clark - Jun 15, 2014

With the Dow Jones hitting 17,000 being pretty likely in the not-too-distant future, from there, it’s only another 18% or so until the Dow hits 20,000, which is pretty incredible. These numbers seemed...

Gregory W. Harmon
Is A SPY Reversal In Store?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Jun 15, 2014

Last week’s review of the macro market indicators suggested, heading into the first full week of June that the Equity markets had a good week but may need a pause or pullback before continuing, as ...

Gregory W. Harmon
SPY, Why Are You Long?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Jun 15, 2014

I have not been asked this question yet but some days it seems it will be coming. With investor bullish sentiment at prior high levels, the bull to bear spread at extremes, no volume in the market ...

Brian Gilmartin
2014 Earnings Growth Shaping Up Well
By Brian Gilmartin - Jun 15, 2014

Per Thomson Reuters, the “forward 4-quarter estimate” for the S&P 500 rose $0.02 this week to $122.96. The P/E on the forward estimate is now 15.75(x). The PEG ratio remains at ...

HowThe World Cup Affects Equity Markets
By Estimize  - Jun 15, 2014

The World Cup officially kicked off in Sao Paulo Thursday evening with the host nation Brazil taking on Croatia. Over 3 billion people around the globe are expected to tune in to watch at least some ...

Tim Knight
Ocwen Financial: Taking A Short Position
By Tim Knight - Jun 14, 2014

Ocwen Financial Corporation (NYSE:OCN): A clean break of a long-term trendline and a large, multi-year topping pattern add up to what I think is a very good short position (plus, I am long puts).

Tim Knight
My Uber Play: Shorting Taxi
By Tim Knight - Jun 14, 2014

With the news that Uber is now valued at $18 billion, it got me thinking about the taxicab market. I think, over time, Uber is going to do some serious damage to the wonderful world of yellow cabs. ...

Midnight Trader
U.S. Markets Shrug Off Iraq
By Midnight Trader - Jun 13, 2014

Stocks eked out modest gains Friday, shaking off earlier weakness tied to geo-political turmoil, higher energy prices, and deteriorating consumer sentiment. Stocks instead got a small boost from ...