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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

John Nyaradi
Predict An S&P 500 Rise For Friday
By John Nyaradi - Oct 18, 2013

The S&P 500 (SPY) will likely rise on Friday, finishing off a volatile and crazy week of political crisis, financial crisis, and a new S&P 500 (SPY) record. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) lost...

Carol Harmer
S&P 500 : Short To 1735
By Carol Harmer - Oct 18, 2013

S&P as I said yesterday, we would prefer to be short here unless we break above 1735. Only then will the market regain strength and trade higher. I have had to Fib extension here as we have no ...

STTG Market Recap: October 17, 2013
By StockTradingToGo  - Oct 18, 2013

While simplistic, following recent patterns *sometimes* works. In this case during the second half of 2013 whenever we have a modest correction of 3-5%, the ensuing rally has been dramatic and violent...

Tech Talk
Stock Market Outlook: October 18, 2013
By Tech Talk  - Oct 18, 2013

Upcoming US Events for Today: Leading Indicators for September will be released at 10:00am. The market expects a month-over-month increase of 0.6% versus an increase of 0.7% previous. Upcoming ...

STTG Market Recap: October 18, 2013
By StockTradingToGo  - Oct 18, 2013

It is getting frothy out there. We are in the midst of yet another V shaped rally off a bottom, similar to so many during the quantitative easing era. Earnings from Google (GOOG) yesterday seemed to ...

Richard Rhodes
US Dollar Is Headed Lower   
By Richard Rhodes - Oct 18, 2013

STOCKS: The world economy is muddling through. The US payroll tax increase and sequestration are headwinds to the US economy, China is being pressured by Japan, and both the US and Chinese housing ...

Warren Bevan
SPY Thoughts October 18
By Warren Bevan - Oct 18, 2013

You can do anything, but not everything. —David AllenFirst I have to apologize for my 3 errors Wednesday night. It’s a rare thing for me to put the wrong numbers down but I did Wednesday ...