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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Ryan Mallory
Trading Plan: A "Fall" Is In The Air
By Ryan Mallory - Nov 01, 2013

Pre-market update: Asian markets traded 0.3% lower. European markets are trading 0.1% lower. US futures are trading 0.2% higher ahead of the market open. Economic reports due out (all times are ...

David Merkel
Industry Rankings, November 2013
By David Merkel - Nov 01, 2013

My main industry model is illustrated in the graphic. Green industries are cold. Red industries are hot. If you like to play momentum, look at the red zone, and ask the question, “Where are ...

The Night Owl Trader
Friday Higher If ES Pivot Passed
By The Night Owl Trader  - Nov 01, 2013

The Hoot Actionable ideas for the busy trader delivered daily right up front Friday higher only if ES pivot passed, else lower..ES pivot 1755.08. Breaking above is bullish..Next week bias lower ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Atwood Oceanic: In A Falling Channel
By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 01, 2013

Atwood Oceanic, (ATW), the drilling company has a sick looking chart. Not sick like a 20 year old would say but ill. Take a look.The chart shows that Atwood Oceanics is in a falling channel, perhaps a...

Anna Coulling
The FED Delivers A Lesson In VPA!
By Anna Coulling - Nov 01, 2013

For intraday emini index traders, last nights FED meeting delivered a classic lesson in volume price analysis (VPA). The example here is from the emini YM 1 minute chart, and really proves the point ...

Mingze Wu
Nikkei 225: Gloomy Start For November
By Mingze Wu - Nov 01, 2013

Nikkei 225 fell 1.2% yesterday following Bank of Japan's decision to keep monetary policy as it is. Interestingly, even though very few speculators believed BOJ would increase the pace of stimulus ...

Alexandros Yfantis
S&P Shows Signs Of Trend Reversal
By Alexandros Yfantis - Nov 01, 2013

S&P has made a pull back yesterday and broke below the first important support at 1765. We were expecting this downward trend reversal from Wednesday and our analysis was early by only one day. ...

Ed Yardeni
Happy Halloween (excerpt)
By Ed Yardeni - Nov 01, 2013

October can be a scary month for stocks. It hasn’t been this year, though we still have to get through the last day of the month today, which also happens to be Halloween. The S&P 500 is up...

Midnight Trader
U.S. Markets Exit Best Oct. In 3 Years
By Midnight Trader - Oct 31, 2013

Stocks finished slightly lower, Thursday, ending a session where the major market gauges drifted between small gains and losses to the downside. But when the trading was done, the Dow Jones Index ...

John Nyaradi
Stock Market Goes On A Rollercoaster Ride
By John Nyaradi - Oct 31, 2013

Thursday’s stock market activity had the major stock indices bouncing in and out of positive territory enough times to cause motion sickness. Thursday’s stock market rollercoaster ride was best ...

Gary Gordon
China's Xi Boosts Stock ETFs, REITs
By Gary Gordon - Oct 31, 2013

Scores of personalities have gone on the record, insisting that China will be the epicenter for the next housing collapse. Most of those analysts have never lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan or China; I ...