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Saxo Bank
From The Floor: Greece Enters The Comedy Zone By Saxo Bank - Apr 08, 2015

No heckling pleaseGreece has entered "comedy-hour mode" again with a demand that Germany pay WW2 reparations, says Saxo Bank's head of forex strategy John J Hardy. Prime minister Alexis Tsipris flies ...

USD Rebound Attempts To Revive Trend By Dailyfx - Apr 08, 2015

Talking Points: Dollar Rebound Attempts to Revive Trend as Fed Minutes Massage Rate Speculation Euro: Confusion Over Greece Situation Leaves Results in QE Complacency Australian Dollar Rally Limited ...

Greece Focused On Russia, Super Mergers Are Back By AvaTrade - Apr 08, 2015

The sell off from the U.S. Market is filtering into the European markets this morning. The economic data released this morning for Germany has made investors a little more cautious after the German ...

Cullen Roche
Ben Bernanke: Monetary Policy Is Weak Sauce By Cullen Roche - Apr 08, 2015

Janet Yellen has been rather clear that financial instability is one of the reasons she might raise rates at some point this year. And back in 2013 she said financial instability was one of her ...