Market Overview

Chris Ciovacco
What Could Launch A Correction?
By Chris Ciovacco - Jul 28, 2014

Lessons From 1994 If you were investing in 1994, you probably recall it was a difficult year. Notice the similarities to 2014 in the text from The Economist below: CAST your minds back to 1994. The ...

Lance Roberts
Are Retail Investors Signaling A Top?
By Lance Roberts - Jul 28, 2014

It is often stated that retail investors represent the "herd" mentality.  That, like lemmings, they tend always to do the opposite of what they should by "buying high and selling low."  For the most ...

Wall Street Daily
Diamonds Are Set To Sparkle
By Wall Street Daily - Jul 28, 2014

They say that diamonds are forever. But recently, the diamond industry has been in a downward spiral, with trade plagued by high production costs and falling prices. It’s been so bad that some of the ...

Marc Chandler
Emerging Markets: The Data Week Ahead
By Marc Chandler - Jul 28, 2014

This should not be a very eventful week for emerging markets. Market focus will remain split between the big events in the US (FOMC and payrolls data) as well as on the myriad of geopolitical risks. ...

Michael Lombardi
Valuations And The Problem With Reality
By Michael Lombardi - Jul 28, 2014

Earlier this month, Jeremy Siegel, a well-known “bull” on CNBC, took to the airwaves to predict the Dow Jones Industrial Average would go beyond 18,000 by the end of this year. Acknowledging ...

James Picerno
Q2:2014 US GDP Nowcast: +3.2%
By James Picerno - Jul 28, 2014 1

The US economy is expected to post a substantial rebound in the government’s initial estimate of second-quarter GDP that’s scheduled for release on Wednesday, according to the Capital Spectator’s ...

Danske Markets
EUR Positioning Is At Stretched Levels  
By Danske Markets - Jul 28, 2014

The latest IMM data cover the week from 15 July to 22 July 2014. Speculators increased their short EUR positioning to the highest level since November 2012, in absolute terms. As of Tuesday 22 July, ...

Danske Markets
Silence Before The Storm?  
By Danske Markets - Jul 28, 2014

Market movers today Silence before the storm today as there are no big key figures in an otherwise very busy week. Only release of interest is US pending home sales, which is a good leading ...

Marc Chandler
Busy Week Starts Quietly
By Marc Chandler - Jul 28, 2014

This is an eventful week, but the economic calendar starts slowly. The FOMC meeting, first look at Q1 US GDP and the US jobs report are the highlights. The capital markets are also off to a slow ...

Easy Forex
Greenback Advances Against Peers Ahead Of US Unemployment
By Easy Forex - Jul 28, 2014

Currencies On Friday the euro traded near its lowest point in the last 8-months against the dollar. The pair remains bearish as the German Ifo Business Climate was worse than expected while the US ...

Markets Anticipate Upcoming Fed Meeting
By Exness - Jul 28, 2014

A key event this week will be the US Federal Reserve's two-day meeting June 29-30. It is expected that the American regulatory body will again curtail the QE3 asset purchasing program from 35 billion ...

Brenda Jubin
Book Review: The Nature Of Value
By Brenda Jubin - Jul 28, 2014

Nick Gogerty sets his book within a by now familiar framework, thanks in large part to the cross-disciplinary work carried out over the past thirty years at the Santa Fe Institute.* In its baldest ...
Gold On The Slide Again
By  - Jul 28, 2014

After short covering on Friday took Gold up as high as $1308, with traders concerned about the escalating conflict in Gaza looking to avoid holding short positions over the weekend, gold is on the ...

Market Weekly Update 28/7-1/8
By NSFX - Jul 28, 2014

US indices had mixed performances last week: DJIA lost 145 points and closed last Friday at 16,960.57 (-0.85% weekly). S&P500 closed at 1,978.34 (-0.04% weekly), down 0.75 points and Nasdaq ...