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Market Overview

Marc Chandler
More Unsolicited Advice From IMF By Marc Chandler - Jun 26, 2015

The leadership at the Federal Reserve has consistently signaled its intention to lift rates this year. It is conditioned on the labor market continuing to absorb the slack, and provided the officials ...

Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies   By Edison - Jun 26, 2015

Quality and growth from Asian small-capsScottish Oriental Smaller Companies Trust (SST) is one of the longest-established Asian trusts, and one of only two in its sector with a specialist smaller ...

Technical Trading
Daily FX, Dow: June 26, 2015 By Technical Trading - Jun 26, 2015

EUR/USDToday’s support: - 1.1160(main),where correction is possible. Break would give 1.1138, where correction also may be. Then follows 1.1109. Break of the latter would result in 1.1087. If a ...

Sober Look
Never Mind Greece, Here's The Global Data By Sober Look - Jun 26, 2015

More evidence is emerging that Greece stands on its own when it comes to euro area exit risks. Unlike in the 2011/12 period, capital outflows are not an issue elsewhere in the Eurozone periphery. ...

Swissquote Bank Ltd
Japan's Inflation On The Rise By Swissquote Bank Ltd - Jun 26, 2015

Forex News and Events RBNZ is committed to devaluate the Kiwi (by Arnaud Masset) The Reserve of New Zealand released its Statement of Intent for 2015-2018 and seized the opportunity to tirelessly ...

Greece- Watch Out For The Volatility By AvaTrade - Jun 26, 2015

Investors will be on the edge this weekend because the Greece saga could end this weekend. If traders were anxious going into the weekend last week, the risk averse attitude will be even more intense ...

Boris Schlossberg
FX Stanstill Ahead Of Saturday Summit By Boris Schlossberg - Jun 26, 2015

Market Drivers June 26, 2015 EUR holds steady as Saturday Summit appears key Japanese data better all around Nikkei -0.31% Europe -0.60% Oil $59/bbl Gold $1175/oz. Europe and Asia:NZD Trade 350M vs....

Jeremy Cook
Something For The Greekend, Sir? By Jeremy Cook - Jun 26, 2015

When Saturday ComesIt’s not quite time to rename these updates the “World First Greek Update” but we are getting close. Yesterday’s Eurogroup meeting once again fizzled out ...

Marc Chandler
The Calm Before The Storm? By Marc Chandler - Jun 26, 2015

The global capital markets remain subdued for the most part despite the fact that paralysis in Europe is bringing Greece to the very brink. There will be no agreement today, and the finance ministers ...

US Services Expansion Eases In June By ICN.com - Jun 26, 2015

U.S. services growth eased for a third straight month in June, raising concerns about growth pace in the second quarter as a manufacturing report released this week also signaled a slowdown.The ...

Risk Markets Lower As Greece Worries Persist By ActionForex - Jun 26, 2015

Asian markets open broadly lower, following global markets, as worries on Greece persists. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "we don't yet have the necessary progress" regarding the debt ...