Market Overview

Peter Schiff
When Exactly Are Falling Prices Bad?
By Peter Schiff - Jan 05, 2015

The sudden fall in the price of oil provides a unique opportunity to examine the widely held belief that deflation is economic poison. As many governments and central banks have vowed to fight ...

Chris Vermeulen
Gold And S&P 500 Forecast
By Chris Vermeulen - Jan 05, 2015

Our long-term subscribers have been following the Gold and S&P 500 markets with us for years, and for sure last year was full of volatility in both. Right now we are continuing to stay on the ...

Chris Kimble
Ratio Suggests: Short Nasdaq And Long Silver
By Chris Kimble - Jan 05, 2015

This time of year people seem compelled to make predictions for the year ahead. Making year ahead predictions is above my pay grade, I will leave that exercise to the smart people. In the theme of ...

Oil Markets Hit 5 1/2 Year Low
By ForexTime - Jan 05, 2015

Although there was previously some optimism that the oil bears might have finally dug themselves a floor when the selling seemed to pause just before the Christmas break, it was always possible that ...

FIBO Group
Australian dollar hits record lows
By FIBO Group - Jan 05, 2015

The Australian dollar touched a fresh 5.5 year low in today’s trade as the US dollar continues to rally and fears of a slowdown in China this year weighed on the currency.The Aussie dollar ...

European Markets Lower On Grexit Concerns
By AvaTrade - Jan 05, 2015

European markets are trading lower and volume is in full throttle today as traders have enjoyed their long holidays. Headlines have not changed much what they were during the holiday period, but ...

Brenda Jubin
Book Review: Private Wealth Management
By Brenda Jubin - Jan 05, 2015

My niece recently asked me whether I manage other people’s money (I don’t). She did not intend this to be a job offer since she and her husband, both pediatric orthopedic surgeons who make...

Antonio Fatas
Here's How Greece Might Leave The Euro
By Antonio Fatas - Jan 05, 2015

An interesting month lies ahead for the euro area. On January 22 the ECB will meet and they will either announce a QE-style monetary policy action, as most expect by now, or they will disappoint ...

Daily Analysis: Trade EUR/USD With Caution
By FX77 - Jan 05, 2015

Technically, the USD index and non-USD currencies have already come back to normal after a long-term struggling of jumping up and down. Today everything seems to be on the right track and here we ...

The Night Owl Trader
Monday Lower
By The Night Owl Trader - Jan 05, 2015

The Hoot Actionable ideas for the busy trader delivered daily right up front Monday lower, low confidence ES pivot 2050.75. Holding below is bearish. Rest of week bias uncertain ...