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Market Overview

Clif Droke
Will 2014 Be Another 2008?
By Clif Droke - Feb 07, 2014

One of the biggest problems for the stock market entering 2014 was the near unanimous belief on Wall Street that stock prices would only go higher this year.  Indeed, you had to look a long way to ...

Doug Short
World Markets Update: A Mixed Bag
By Doug Short - Feb 07, 2014

At Friday's close, four of the indexes on my world watch list had weekly gains, four had weekly losses. France's CAC 40 was the top performer, up 1.50%, with the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 indexes in the ...

Jay Hawk
Weekly Forex Market Followup: Key Economic Data
By Jay Hawk - Feb 07, 2014

The following table lists the key economic data and other events that came out during the week of February 3rd through February 7th, with release times displayed for the GMT time zone. The list also ...

Jan Skoyles
5 Gold Olympic Facts
By Jan Skoyles - Feb 07, 2014

860 gold medals have been won at the Winter Olympics. 107 were won by Norway. The Sochi gold medals are worth 20% less than the record $708 value of the London Olympic gold medals. This is due to the...

Andrew Dovey
US Jobs Data Falls Short
By Andrew Dovey - Feb 07, 2014

US Dollar Index – (-0.10%)• The financial markets on Friday concentrated hard on the headline non-farm payrolls number for January and revision for December, with the outcome seeing more ...

Gregory W. Harmon
German Opportunity – Take II
By Gregory W. Harmon - Feb 07, 2014 1

A little more than a week ago I noted an opportunity in the Germany market in DAX: An Opportunity For Investors. The set up ended up failing so I took my stop loss and moved on. But I remain ...

Kristina Leonova
ECB Keeps Soft Stimulation
By Kristina Leonova - Feb 07, 2014

This morning, positive external background remains in the markets. Among the main factors pushing indices to move up, is the preservation of soft stimulating policy in the Eurozone and expectation of ...

Zacks Investment Research
Is Draghi Dragging His Feet?
By Zacks Investment Research - Feb 07, 2014

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi's press conference earlier today reiterated a few major themes we have heard over and over again recently. Euro zone inflation remained low, credit growth ...

Marshall Gittler
FX Technical Trends
By Marshall Gittler - Feb 07, 2014

Payroll day today. Yesterday’s ECB meeting produced no change in policy stance. With rates so close to zero already, the ECB has little room for manoeuver and since the economic news has ...

U.S Non Farm Payroll Could Dictate Further Trend
By Avatrade - Feb 07, 2014

The markets are set to face what traders have waited for- the US jobs report, which could certainly make or break the markets. It is the most important data not only for the US equity markets, but ...

Emerging Markets Are Crashing, Reason To Panic?
By  - Feb 07, 2014

The financial markets, in particularly the ones of Argentina and Turkey, are squeaking and creaking on all sides. The Argentinian government had to give up its support for the peso because dollar ...