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Market Overview

After Friday's Payrolls, Markets Craving Clarity By IG - Sep 07, 2015

Friday’s US payrolls report seems a distant memory now with Chinese equity markets resuming trade in a seemingly optimistic mood. There was always a chance it could have been another ugly Asian ...

Investment U
Beware The Fed's Demographic-Shift Trap By Investment U - Sep 07, 2015

There’s something few folks are talking about, but it’s something every investor needs to understand. We call it the “Yellen trap.” It could have huge ramifications for your ...

Dan Murray
Inflation Exceeds FOMC Target By Dan Murray - Sep 06, 2015

Many pundits, analysts, and articles lately have said or suggested that inflation is below the Fed's 2% inflation target. However, on Friday, Jeffrey Lacker, a member of the FOMC, argued that ...

Peter Schiff
Meet QT: QE's Evil Twin By Peter Schiff - Sep 06, 2015

There is a growing sense across the financial spectrum that the world is about to turn some type of economic page. Unfortunately no one in the mainstream is too sure what the last chapter was about, ...

Chris Martenson
The Margin Debt Time Bomb By Chris Martenson - Sep 06, 2015

What is perhaps the greatest risk to individual investors these days? Is it the potential for a decline in corporate earnings based on a slowing global economy? Is it that current valuation levels in ...

Brenda Jubin
Book Review: Phishing For Phools By Brenda Jubin - Sep 06, 2015

Their thesis is simple but powerful: that “competitive markets by their very nature spawn deception and trickery, as a result of the same profit motives that give us our prosperity.” (p. ...

Danske Markets
US Labour Market Still Solid   By Danske Markets - Sep 06, 2015

The August employment report was mixed but overall suggests further improvement in the labour market . In particular, the unemployment rate fell two notches to 5.1% (5.112% in unrounded terms) as ...

David Kotok
Fed Hike In Doubt After Weak Data By David Kotok - Sep 06, 2015

Friday’s employment report, indicating that the economy added 173K jobs in August, now raises significant questions about the FOMC’s ability or willingness to rationalize a 25-basis-point ...