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Market Overview

Michael Gouvalaris
Market Update: More Downside Remaining
By Michael Gouvalaris - Jun 23, 2013

Last week we talked about the importance of the FOMC statement and press conference of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. The importance was more so on how the market reacted to the statement then the actual ...

Wade Slome
Fed Fatigue Setting In
By Wade Slome - Jun 23, 2013

Uncle…uncle! There you have it – I have finally cried “uncle” because I cannot take it anymore. I don’t think I can listen to another panel or read another story debating about the timing of Fed ...

Kevin Flynn
The End Of The Market's Spring
By Kevin Flynn - Jun 23, 2013

Mr. Bernanke continues to surprise us. The markets didn’t like what Chairman Ben said last week, but I have to give him a round of applause. After making a case in last week’s column that ...

Sober Look
Dividend Shares Remain Resilient
By Sober Look - Jun 23, 2013

As expected, dividend-focused shares have underperformed in this rising rate environment. The chart below shows a couple of broad dividend index ETFs vs the S&P500 (SPY) over the past two ...

Sober Look
New Fears Grip Egypt's Investors
By Sober Look - Jun 23, 2013

Egypt's economy remains in a precarious state. As if the pressure on emerging markets is not enough, the planned anti-government protest could end up involving the military and potentially ...

Sober Look
From Rotation To Panic: A Turning Point?
By Sober Look - Jun 23, 2013

The latest report from the ISI Group called the recent outflows from bond funds "a bit of a panic". After years of growth, the drop in fixed income funds' AUM is nothing short of spectacular.Some ...

Sober Look
Emerging Markets For Sale
By Sober Look - Jun 23, 2013

Floating emerging markets currencies have been under tremendous pressure over the past month, as active investors move out. Slowing growth, political instability and weaker demand for natural ...

Steven Hansen
Is Household Deleveraging Almost Over?
By Steven Hansen - Jun 23, 2013

I was intrigued by a graphic in a post on The Big Picture blog, and the question which accompanied this graphic: Is the era of consumer deleveraging, which began just prior to the start of the ...

Larry Doyle
What Did Bernanke Really Accomplish?
By Larry Doyle - Jun 23, 2013

How will the history books treat Ben Bernanke? Well, only time will tell. Supporters will tout his integral role in saving the system. Those who look less kindly on the Fed chair will denigrate him ...

Ryan Jordan
So You Thought Deflation Was Dead?
By Ryan Jordan - Jun 23, 2013

An appreciation for the power of deflation came back in the dark days of late 2008 and early 2009. In that environment, nearly everything not nailed down was sold off as the financial system began to ...