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Market Overview

Jeff Miller
Will Markets Look Beyond Washington's Logjam?
By Jeff Miller - Oct 06, 2013

Is it premature to think ahead, to a time after the budget and debt logjam is broken? Markets are celebrated for anticipatory power. There are already some signs this is happening. We would all enjoy ...

Keagan York
Morning Fundamental Compass Direction
By Keagan York - Oct 06, 2013

The activity in Washington overnight wasn't confined to the halls of power where lawmakers contin-ue to try to negotiate a budget position that will end the government shutdown. The U.S Capital ...

Richard Rhodes
FX Futures Edge: October 4, 2013   
By Richard Rhodes - Oct 06, 2013

STOCKS: The world economy is muddling through. The US payroll tax increase and sequestration”are headwinds to the US economym, China is being pressured by Japan, and both the US and Chinese ...

FX Recommends
The Current Market Sentiment
By FX Recommends - Oct 06, 2013

The markets are looking quite today with no new clues of the US political crisis and no US labor report to be released in the first Friday of the month to contain the market sentiment.While evaluation...

Kevin Flynn
To Buy Or Not To Buy?
By Kevin Flynn - Oct 06, 2013

What a dilemma for the stock market. On the one hand, the U.S. government has shut down. More importantly, it will run out of money in two weeks. It’s not the rosiest of horizons.But as is so ...

Cam Hui
Why A Gold Standard Is A Bad Idea
By Cam Hui - Oct 06, 2013 2

Advocates of the gold standards tend to be Libertarian in outlook and Libertarians don't like government interfering in the free market. Yet a gold standard means that the government, or some other ...

Tim Knight
Battle Plan: Opportunities On The Short Side
By Tim Knight - Oct 06, 2013

Three months ago, I wrote this post about how we were in the final leg of a “runaway” Russell 2000, and in a supplementary post for Slope+ users, I wrote that “This projection also puts the top rather...

Bill Luby
Risk For Thought: What This Week Meant
By Bill Luby - Oct 04, 2013

Weekends pose an interesting set of problems for the investor/trader, particularly when there is an ongoing crisis or a reasonable risk that a new crisis lurks around the corner. Today we have a ...