Market Overview

Marc Chandler
Emerging Markets: What Has Changed
By Marc Chandler - Sep 26, 2014

1) There has been more talk of easy mortgage lending rules for second home buyers and greater funding by the big four China banks and discount mortgages by 30%2) The Hungarian government confirmed the...

Marc Chandler
Dollar Pushes Higher
By Marc Chandler - Sep 26, 2014

The US dollar is extending its recent gains. There does not appear to a new driver. Rather the momentum, without meeting official resistance, is encouraging piling on. Australian and New Zealand ...

Tommy Humphreys
Textbook Signs Of A Market Top
By Tommy Humphreys - Sep 25, 2014

The Russell 2000 small cap index (ARCA:IWM) has been a perennial laggard during much of 2014 and is now on the verge of a highly significant breakdown: A classic complex head-and- shoulders top has ...

Charles Sizemore
5 Investing Legends Still Going Strong
By Charles Sizemore - Sep 25, 2014

On Thursday, September 25, Derek Jeter was set to take the field at Yankee Stadium for the last time.  A winner of five World Series and selected to the All-Star team fourteen times, he will be ...

Boris Schlossberg
No Mercy For The Euro
By Boris Schlossberg - Sep 25, 2014

Market Drivers September 25, 2014 Euro hits 22-month lows Wheeler threatens intervention sending kiwi below 8000 Nikkei 1.28% Europe 0.33% Oil $91/bbl Gold $1210/oz. North AmericaUSD Weekly jobless ...

Eric De Groot
Supply And Demand: Redefining Price
By Eric De Groot - Sep 25, 2014

The NYSE Composite's supply and demand continues to battle at 8/19 gap (chart 1). Although price smashed through this support zone with force (broke the ice), it attempted to rally above it yesterday....

Saxo Bank
EU Money Supply Key To QE Plans, US Goods, US Jobs
By Saxo Bank - Sep 25, 2014

EU money supply update to be analysed for guidance on QE Reversal of fortune expected for US durable goods after July's surge US jobless claims projected to rise after last week's sharp ...

Danske Markets
Danske Daily: Thursday's Market Movers  
By Danske Markets - Sep 25, 2014

Thursday's Market Movers In the euro area the main event today will be the release of money supply M3 and credit data for August. As usual, focus will mainly be on the credit data. According to the ...

Fed Dove Ignored, Dollar Extends Rally
By ActionForex - Sep 25, 2014

Dollar ignored some cautious comments from a Fed dove and extended recent rally against Euro, Swissy, Loonie and Aussie. EUR/USD is gathering downside momentum against and took out 1.28 handle. ...

Binary Options Strategy
Core Durable Goods Orders September 25, 2014
By Binary Options Strategy - Sep 25, 2014

During the session on Thursday, we see very little coming out of Europe as far as economic announcements. However, once we get to the United States we see the Core Durable Goods Orders month over ...

Sober Look
Argentina Running Out Of Options
By Sober Look - Sep 25, 2014

With Argentina's private sector in disarray, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's government has been forced to increasingly bail out failing businesses, particularly importers that are critical to ...

Saxo Bank
China Needs A Shot Of Confidence
By Saxo Bank - Sep 25, 2014

Slower growth may be the new normal but a collapsing economy is not. With homes sales slumping and industrial output at its weakest levels in more than five years, Beijing has been quietly boosting ...

Saxo Bank
Is This A Midweek Muddle Up, Down Or Sideways?
By Saxo Bank - Sep 25, 2014

It's the middle of the week and FX markets are as skittish as a squirrel at a Hillbilly picnic. The violation of Syria's sovereignty in a quasi-invasion by a US-led coalition in pursuit of Islamic ...

Lance Roberts
The Market In Pictures - Deterioration
By Lance Roberts - Sep 25, 2014

Roughly ever six months or so I do a chart analysis of the markets primarily focused around macro indicators of valuation, complacency, and leverage. However, recent market action needs to be ...

Blair Jensen
Trend Watch: Another Heads Up
By Blair Jensen - Sep 24, 2014

Our measures of trend have been bouncing back and forth across the zero line this week and are currently negative. If they are still negative on Friday we’ll be raising more cash and/or adding a ...

David Kotok
International Markets: Q3 Review
By David Kotok - Sep 24, 2014

It was no mere lazy summer stroll through the international markets in 3rd Quarter 2014. In fact, the numbers tell a tale of two international markets: the best of markets and the worst of markets ...