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Market Overview

Fed Policy To Blame For Non-Recovery?
By EconMatters  - Jul 16, 2013

Economists are now ratcheting down their forecasts for final 2nd quarter GDP to 1% which just further illustrates the ineffectiveness of fed policy measures. Ben Bernanke blames fiscal policies out of...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Cautious Purchases   
By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Jul 16, 2013

Retail sales in June disappointed as they were well below market expectations. Improvement in the labour market and rising household wealth did not spread fully in consumption data in Q2 among ...

Gary Tanashian
Rates Of Interest
By Gary Tanashian - Jul 16, 2013

As the 10-year to T-bill yield curve chart makes clear, we are not in Kansas anymore. We are in Wonderland and as you can see, in Wonderland interest rates and their interrelationships are at the ...

Stuart McPhee
China’s Domestic Consumption Is Stalling
By Stuart McPhee - Jul 16, 2013

China’s push to get consumers to open their wallets more and refocus the economy on domestic consumption is stalling, contributing to lower growth in the second quarter and forecasts of even slower ...

Cam Hui
Here's What A Regime Shift Looks Like
By Cam Hui - Jul 16, 2013

When I first joined Merrill Lynch, I sat next to a young analyst named Savita Subramanian who was working for Rich Bernstein in strategy research. Though we worked in different groups, I can recall ...

Ed Yardeni
Great Rotation? More Like Great Liquidation
By Ed Yardeni - Jul 16, 2013

What is the likelihood of a “Great Rotation” out of bonds and into stocks? Weekly data estimated by the Investment Company Institute show that $66.7 billion poured out of bond mutual ...

Daniel Sckolnik
Time To Buy The China Equity Dip?
By Daniel Sckolnik - Jul 15, 2013

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” -- Mark Twain.So far, July is looking pretty sweet for those investors who have decided to swap the pleasures of the beach ...