Market Overview

Stocks Tumbled On Crisis, Dollar Rally Takes A Breather
By ActionForex - Aug 04, 2014

The financial markets were dominated by two themes, risk aversion and dollar strength, last week. Global equities tumbled sharply on news of Argentina's default as its failure to pay bond interests ...

Binary Options Strategy
US ISM Numbers August 4, 2014
By Binary Options Strategy - Aug 04, 2014

On a relatively quiet session, we expect to see very little in the way of economic announcements that can move the market in of themselves, unless of course we get some type of nasty surprise. ...

Henry Liu
Trading The ECB Interest Rate: August 7, 2014
By Henry Liu - Aug 04, 2014

ECB Interest Rate is done in 2 parts, first with the rate decision at 7:45am then followed with a press conference at 8:30am. The most important part of the rate decision is the Press Conference, so ...

Henry Liu
Trading The UK Services PMI: August 5, 2014
By Henry Liu - Aug 04, 2014

UK Services Purchasing Manager Index will be released today and considering the weakness in recent data releases, if we get another weaker than expected report, the GBP will probably drop further as ...

Aussie Gathers Momentum Against The Dollar
By FxNet - Aug 04, 2014

EUR/USD plunged after eurozone and German PMI missed desires. The euro is exchanging at 1.3384 against a developing US dollar in front of the nonfarm payroll report. European markets prop for a heap ...

Steven Hansen
Should US Tax Corporations More?
By Steven Hansen - Aug 03, 2014

I believe taxes are a punishment for doing something wrong. The USA does not tax money flows it wants to occur by creating tax loopholes. Follow up: The Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) folks believe that...