Market Overview

Saxo Bank
French Industry Lags
By Saxo Bank - Jun 12, 2014

• ECB does not rule out further stimulus measures• Forecast calls for 0.6 percent jump in retail sales• France weakest performer in May's PMI reportFresh macro guidance for the Eurozone...

Technical Trading
Daily Forex And Dow Jones Recommended Levels: June 12, 2014
By Technical Trading - Jun 12, 2014

EUR/USD Today’s support: - 1.3500(main), where correction is possible. Break would give 1.3482, where correction also may be. Then follows 1.3466. Break of the latter would result in 1.3452. If ...

Jeremy Cook
Kiwi Accelerates
By Jeremy Cook - Jun 12, 2014

Yesterday’s UK jobs report went a way to further securing the recovery in the UK and kept sterling’s spine solid through yesterday’s session. Survey evidence from across the UK ...

Easy Forex
Gold Rises As Investors Move Away From Equities
By Easy Forex - Jun 12, 2014

Currencies The euro consolidates between 1.3520 and 1.3557 against the US dollar. The single currency is under pressure lately and after Mario’s Draghi speech last week. The pair lost almost ...

Saxo Bank
UK Labour Report Puts Some Life Into FX
By Saxo Bank - Jun 12, 2014

Geopolitical risks lurking, not lacking Kiwi may move on RBNZ statement BoC governor could halt loonie rally The UK Labour report gave a boost to FX land early on and USD/CAD finally broke strong ...

AUD/USD To Trade At 0.9375
By FxNet - Jun 12, 2014

EUR/USD proceeded its decrease exchanging at 1.3530 with minimal budgetary information to pass by today, yet the World Bank downsize of development is weighing on the whole cash market. The bank ...

Ed Yardeni
The ECB's 'Whatever-It-Takes' In Action
By Ed Yardeni - Jun 12, 2014

Last Thursday, the ECB lowered its official interest rate by 10bps to 0.15%. The rate paid on bank reserves was lowered to minus 0.1%. There isn’t much firepower in these lame actions. In addition, ...

Michael Ashton
The Dollar And Commodities: Just Friends
By Michael Ashton - Jun 12, 2014

The recent, aggressive ECB ease, combined with some mild Fed growls about increasing rates “at some point,” ought to be good news for the dollar against the euro. And so it has been, although as you ...

Dominic Cimino
This Market Still Has Legs
By Dominic Cimino - Jun 11, 2014

This article will serve as an update for my previous article. I continue to monitor conditions which I believe, when coupled together collectively present a solid underpinning for the stock market. ...

The Good News About U.S. Housing
By  - Jun 11, 2014

One of the reasons that housing data has been weak this year is that long-term interest rates rose in the middle of last year and created a headwind for home-buyers.  As time has gone on, though, ...