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Market Overview

Danske Markets
Danske Daily - 24 June 2015   By Danske Markets - Jun 24, 2015

Market Movers Greece continues to be in the spotlight with today's extraordinary Eurogroup finance ministers meeting (starts at 19:00 CET). The aim of the meeting is for the Eurogroup to reach a ...

Headline Factors and Hedge Fund Success By AllAboutAlpha - Jun 24, 2015

The factors driving hedge fund returns in the various regions of the world are, roughly, what you might guess they are, if you’ve simply been reading the headlines of any mainstream news ...

Doug Short
May Durable Goods: Another Mixed Bag By Doug Short - Jun 24, 2015

The May Advance Report on April Durable Goods released today by the Census Bureau was another disappointment. Here is the Bureau's summary on new orders: New orders for manufactured durable goods in ...

Doug Short
New Homes Sales Highest Since February 2008 By Doug Short - Jun 24, 2015

This morning's release of the May New Homes Sales from the Census Bureau at 546K was 21K above forecast, with the previous month an upward revision. The Investing.com forecast was for 525K sales, ...

Doug Short
The "Real" Goods On The May Durable Goods Data By Doug Short - Jun 24, 2015

Earlier today the Census Bureau posted the Advance Report on April Durable Goods New Orders. This series dates from 1992 and is not adjusted for either population growth or inflation. Let's now review...

Ed Yardeni
U.S. Housing: Encouraging Developments By Ed Yardeni - Jun 24, 2015

Sales of both new and existing homes rose last month. That always happens during the spring. However, the data are seasonally adjusted, and were relatively weak earlier this year. There is an ...

David Kotok
Greece: Moral Hazard By David Kotok - Jun 23, 2015

Greece has set the new high price of “moral hazard.” Emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) from the European Central Bank now is estimated to exceed €100 billion. It continues to ...

Simit Patel
Stocks And Bonds: What Correlation? By Simit Patel - Jun 23, 2015

With the Fed talking a big game about raising rates, much conversation in the financial world is now centering on the relationship between rates and stocks -- and what a hike in rates may mean for the...

Ashraf Laidi
Dax, Euro's Inverse Relation Still In Play By Ashraf Laidi - Jun 23, 2015

The euro-Dax-bunds relationship continues in full swing, led by a rallying DAX (and the rest of Eurozone bourses) resulting from the most notable steps taken by Greece towards reaching a deal with ...

Ben Hunt
Epsilon Theory: Inherent Vice By Ben Hunt - Jun 23, 2015

Today’s note, “Inherent Vice”, applies an Epsilon Theory perspective to the greatest source of instability in the world today. It’s the instability of the game of Chicken, and ...