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Market Overview

Charles Hugh Smith
I Sure Am Glad There's No Inflation By Charles Hugh Smith - Aug 05, 2015

I sure am glad there's no inflation, because these "stable prices" the Federal Reserve keeps jaw-jacking about are putting us in a world of hurt. We are constantly bombarded with two messages about ...

Doug Short
June Durable Goods: A Revised Update By Doug Short - Aug 05, 2015

The Preliminary Report on Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders released today by the Census Bureau gives us a revised look at the Advance Report on Durable Goods issued last week. ...

Doug Short
The Market Remains In Overvaluation Territory By Doug Short - Aug 05, 2015

Here is a summary of the four market valuation indicators we update on a monthly basis. The Crestmont Research P/E Ratio (more) The cyclical P/E ratio using the trailing 10-year earnings as the ...

Global Rates To Remain Low By TradingBanks - Aug 04, 2015

For many years, central banks have dominated markets. Market participants and observers quivered at the power of monetary authorities. They try to parse every utterance from the central banks and each...

Greek Woes To Persist Without Debt Relief By MXTrade - Aug 04, 2015

The decision to keep Greece within the Eurozone was questionable for many. However, having opted to take this course of action, the international creditors and the government of the debt-stricken ...

Marc Chandler
The U.S. Rate Conundrum By Marc Chandler - Aug 04, 2015

The Federal Reserve could be six weeks away from raising rates. The FOMC statement from the end of last month appeared to have lowered the bar of a move. It called the recent improvement in the labor...

James Picerno
ADP Employment: 2 Estimates By James Picerno - Aug 04, 2015

Private nonfarm payrolls in the US are projected to increase by 227,000 (seasonally adjusted) in tomorrow’s July update of the ADP Employment Report, based on The Capital Spectator’s ...

Swissquote Bank Ltd
AUD Rallies, Russian CPI By Swissquote Bank Ltd - Aug 04, 2015

RBA shift tone As expected the RBA August Board meeting retained the cash rate at a record low of 2.00%. The central bank continue to see the current accommodative policy as ...

James Picerno
Risk Premia Forecasts: 4 August 2015 By James Picerno - Aug 04, 2015

The expected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) ticked up in July, touching a two-month high. GMI — an unmanaged, market-value weighted mix of the major asset classes — is ...