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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Tommy Humphreys
Time For Gold To Rest?
By Tommy Humphreys - Aug 19, 2013 1

Gold has rallied over $100 in the last two weeks, surprising the bearish herd and reinvigorating gold bulls with confidence that further price appreciation is imminent. However, gold is now short term...

Tiho Brkan
Chart Of The Day: Coffee Bottoming Out?  
By Tiho Brkan - Aug 18, 2013

Chart 1: Hedge funds remain extremely negative on Coffee pricesI do not own any positions in Coffee right now. Having said that, the price has dropped so much and the bear market has gone on for so ...

Silver: Simple And Dull
By JOHN WALKER - Aug 16, 2013

After hinting at the possible reversal in silver in my earlier posts, the questions people ask me "What next?", "What are the silver targets?", "We missed the silver bus,(shall i say silver rocket) so...

Gold: A Faithful Rally
By CommodityOnline - Aug 16, 2013

Gold is always faithful, it never breaks our hopes. History shows how important is gold for the traders. Here we are hoping for a rally towards 50,000...Gold prices at MCX are trading with a positive ...