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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Gold: I'm Still Waiting By Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - May 29, 2015

Gold has been frustrating for bulls and bears since its crash in Q2 2013. In the two years since it has traded in a wide range, frustrating traders and investors. The net result has been nothing but ...

Eric De Groot
Oil Traders Follow Market’s Message By Eric De Groot - May 29, 2015 2

The fact that 'everyone' is fleeing oil's biggest fund is bullish for oil. Those that disagree should be asking themselves how many of today's sellers, largely followers of price and joiners of the ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Oil Likes The limelight By Gregory W. Harmon - May 29, 2015

Tony Blair took a selfie in front of an oil field on fire several years ago. Back then oil had been a sleep commodity, but this may have given it the taste of the limelight. Today closes out trading ...

Moscow Mules Fails To Lift Copper By MetalMiner - May 29, 2015

It’s enough to make a metals trader or buyer need a stiff cocktail. How about a nice Moscow Mule in a copper mug? Two ounces of vodka, four ounces of ginger beer and one ounce of lime juice just...

ICM Brokers
Oil And Gold Move Higher: May 29, 2015 By ICM Brokers - May 29, 2015

CL Crude oil futures edged up modestly on Thursday, trimming earlier losses in the session, amid sharper-than-expected declines in weekly stockpiles. US crude oil inventories fell again last week, at ...

U.S. Oil Production Sets Modern Record By EconMatters - May 29, 2015

EIA Report I looked over the weekly Petroleum Inventory Report put out by the EIA today and the biggest takeaway by far was that US Oil Production set a new modern era high at 9.566 Million Barrels ...

Stuart McPhee
Gold: Steady Below $1190 By Stuart McPhee - May 29, 2015

Gold for Friday, May 29, 2015 Over the last week gold has slowly but surely drifted lower back to the key $1200 level however in the last couple of days it has fallen sharply to a two week low around ...

Lance Roberts
Oil: Damage Done? By Lance Roberts - May 28, 2015 3

Oil-Price Recovery Or 'Dead-Cat' Bounce Since the beginning of the year Oil Prices prices (using West Texas Intermediate Crude as a proxy) have bounced from their lows following the collapse last ...

Anna Coulling
Oil Bears Take Control By Anna Coulling - May 28, 2015

It’s been an interesting few days for oil traders as OPEC’s decision and comments to take on the alternative-energy market head to head in a price war is likely to dictate the longer-term...

Tory Enerson
Production Unlikely To Decline Any Time Soon By Tory Enerson - May 28, 2015

There was very little action in overnight markets across the commodity landscape. Energies remain stuck in neutral as ever tightening price discovery continues to beg for a breakout. Due to he holiday...

Kristina Leonova
Brent Continues To Trade Downwards By Kristina Leonova - May 28, 2015

Brent oil continues to trade downwards, despite a slight correction of the lowest value at 62.06. The commodity is under pressure owing to the US dollar consolidating against major currencies. For ...