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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Crude Oil: Moving To The Downside By ICN.com - Jan 05, 2015

Crude oil is moving to the downside supporting the bearish scenario that is still active on the medium term, and depends on stabilizing below 55.60. After breaking 52.10, we wait for the price to ...

Silver: Facing Resistance At 16.00 By ICN.com - Jan 05, 2015

The bearish attempts remained limited above the key resistance of the downside move as showing on graph. Silver is now facing the resistance 16.00 at 23.6% correction as showing above, and we think ...

Gold: Edges Higher By ICN.com - Jan 05, 2015

Gold edged higher with the beginning of 2015, and the upside move took it to trade above the resistance of the downside move and above Linear Regression Indicator 34, while trading above them is ...

Sober Look
Energy Price Declines Not Limited To Oil By Sober Look - Jan 05, 2015

With all the focus on falling crude oil prices (chart below) as well as sharp reductions in the cost of gasoline (including retail), jet fuel, and heating oil, it's easy to miss the fact that prices ...

Simon Lack
Linn Energy: Time To Buy? By Simon Lack - Jan 05, 2015

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are best when they’re boring over the short term. Predictably raising your cashflows and distributions leads to long term excitement at the very reasonable ...

Warren Bevan
Gold Is Home In The Range By Warren Bevan - Jan 04, 2015

Finally, 2014 is done. It was a tough year in many regards and markets were definitely one of them. The metals also had a tough year and they do still look set to continue to struggle. Markets and ...

Tommy Humphreys
Gold Hits 2015 Running By Tommy Humphreys - Jan 02, 2015

It was a very constructive week for the gold-mining sector – a few things stand out: The (ARCA:GDX) rose 3.84% and the (ARCA:GDXJ) rose 6.44% even as Gold itself fell .65% on the week GDX made a...

ICM Brokers
Oil And Gold Analysis For January 2, 2015 By ICM Brokers - Jan 02, 2015 1

Crude Oil Oil prices fell on Wednesday to a 5-1/2-year low and ended with their second-biggest annual decline ever, down by half since June under pressure from a global glut of crude. Weekly U.S. data...

Crude Oil In European Session By ICN.com - Jan 02, 2015

Crude oil is almost retesting 55.60 and rebounded to the downside from there, which forces us to keep our expectations of the main downside move valid targeting 52.10 then 51.00. RSI and MACD are ...

Ashish K Nayak
Gold: Dead Cat Bounce May Be Over   By Ashish K Nayak - Jan 02, 2015 2

Gold prices declined slightly over 2014 as losses in the year’s final day of trading prevented the metal from merely breaking even on an annual basis. Gold for February delivery up $3.20, or ...

ICM Brokers
Oil And Gold Analysis: January 2, 2014 By ICM Brokers - Jan 02, 2015

CLOil prices continued to tumble on Friday, to hit the lowest level since 2009, as investors piled on to their short positions in anticipation of lower prices in the new year amid concerns over a ...