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Website: www.j-chart.at/
Phone: +886 2 2363 3576
Fax: +886 2 2365 1776
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3F., No. 105 Roosevelt Road, Sec. 2
Company Description
J-Chart is a revolutionary new chart type and unique market analysis tool. Based on its proprietary theoretical concept and extraordinary display of price data, J-Chart is one step ahead of traditional analyzing methods allowing investors to better take advantage of trading opportunities. The more you familiarize yourself with J-Charts and see just how clear an insight they provide into the market, the sooner you will appreciate the hidden potential J-Chart holds for you as a uniquely powerful personal investment and trading tool.

Developed by a team of experienced traders and academic professionals, J-Chart offers AI-technology to private investors usually reserved to big investment funds and financial institutions. An intensive verification process since the early 1990's has demonstrated that the "non-fixed time interval" concept innovated by ATMOL is a major breakthrough of technical analysis and has proved that J-Chart has the ability to overcome the weaknesses and ambiguities of conventional methods such as Candlestick, Bar Charts and Market Profile.
J-Chart is a universal analysis tool applicable to any market and any trading strategy. Consequently, J-Chart can be applied to stocks, futures, currencies and bonds, etc. and is suitable for position trading, swing trading as well as day trading.

J-Chart's conceptual design allows technical analysis without ambiguous technical indicators and complex mathematical equations. Once you have understood J-Chart's logical theory basis, you are ready to perform accurate market analyses.