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Hotspot FXi

 Contact Info
Website: www.hotspotfx.com/
Phone: +1 212 209 1420
Company Addresses:
545 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ
United States
Hotspot FX

It can be run in a single dealer, multi dealer or a matching engine trading environment. Completely configurable and powerful it offers many innovative features to individual traders and trading houses.

Software Features:

Automated order execution. No dealing desk. All deals on Hotspot FX are executed electronically without any dealer intervention.

No re-quotes. Re-quotes are common in traditional spread trading. Hotspot FX does not re-quote and we aim to fill your trade at the price shown on the screen.

Market maker function. Every trader on the platform has the option of being a market maker. You can enter in your own bids and offers into the platform either inside or outside the spread.

Software Information
Monthly Fee:   No
Free Trial:   No
Software Type:   Desktop
Email Alerts:   No
Mobile Alerts:   No

Trading Platform Information
Trading Type:   Swing Trading
Trading From Charts:   No
News Integrated:   No
Charts Integrated:   No
Live Support Incorporated:   No
Indicators and Studies:   No
Possibility to build proprietary indicators:   No
Possibility to build proprietary systems:   No
DDE Capabilities:   No
Stop Order:   No
Market Order:   No
Trailing Stop Order:   No
OCO Orders:   No
Limit Order:   Yes

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