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A New European Exchange to Assist Selected ICO Campaigns

By giving priority to regulation compliance, security and innovative systems, aims to become the leading European cryptocurrency exchange. — a new hybrid exchange — intends to impose on itself a strict set of rules in order to ensure that it will always comply with the local and international laws, even for future regulation. For instance, the company is willing to keep regularly audited accounting records and only list carefully selected tokens to make sure that it always stays on the right side of the law.

All of those measures are mainly taken to prevent the seizing or freezing of the customers’ funds by government officials. The exchange claims that at least 98 percent of the funds will be kept in a multisignature cold storage wallet, the keys of which will be split up and held in separate locations.

The experience of the people involved in the project gave the company enough confidence to promise DDoS protection, high throughput and a lack of “technical debt.” To enable the absence of technical debt, the exchange will have to assess any new feature before adding it to the platform, including tokens and cryptocurrencies.

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An all-in-one ICO platform intends to offer ICO services to carefully selected projects. The assistance provided by the company to the chosen projects is sharing its marketing, financial and legal expertise. The exchange also will plan the entire campaign on behalf of the team in exchange for a percentage of the funds raised during the sale.

Still, great emphasis is being put on how strict the selection of the projects will be. The projects are required to be regulatory compliant and to feature an experienced team to be considered by When a project meets all those requirements, the community also votes before it can be approved. All of those rules have been established to make sure that only high-quality and viable projects make it.

Also, the exchange is meant to be versatile and to meet the requirements of both experienced and new traders — for instance, by offering many different simple and complex trading orders. Another feature that will be included is a peer-to-peer (p2p) lending system. This system will grant users the ability to borrow from a fund managed by the company. The fees for such transactions will be determined by supply and demand.

Another feature of the exchange — mentioned in the white paper — is the combination of a centralized exchange with decentralized settlements. According to the document, such settlements grant the users the ability to settle transactions across different blockchains without having to trust any third parties. The reason why the company has picked this feature is to prevent privacy, scalability and cost problems currently experienced by Bitcoin users.

170,000 registered users from day one is a project by Paymium, a Bitcoin exchange which has been active since 2011. Paymium has been defined as the first Bitcoin exchange to conform to European regulation by Fintank in 2016.

Still, the experience isn’t the only thing that is brought by its parent company into this new project. Paymium has intentions to grant its more than 170.000 users’ accounts and incentivize them to use the new platform.

The token sale will start on Sept. 27 and will end in November. The exchange will start its activity just after the sale is concluded.

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