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The Way We Spend $50 Trillion Per Year Is About To Change Forever

Digital currencies have captured the world’s attention. From Bitcoin to Ripple, and Ethereum to Litecoin, recent huge spikes in valuations have caused digital currencies to gain the attention of consumers and investors everywhere. With more than 800 digital currencies currently in circulation, it seems that a different digital currency has emerged to satisfy every imaginable use. Yet not a single digital currency in circulation today has achieved mainstream adoption when it comes to day-to-day payments. Payments made in Bitcoin, by most measures the world’s leading digital currency, make up a minuscule fraction of the $50 trillion in annual consumer payments transactions. And perhaps surprisingly, Bitcoin’s acceptance among merchants actually looks set to decline in 2017.

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When it comes to payments, Bitcoin and Ethereum simply don’t make the grade

While currencies like Bitcoin offer new levels of transparency and greater security, these attributes alone are not sufficient to make them widely used as a means of payment. Rather, these attributes are more than offset by several key hurdles to mainstream adoption in payments, including: rising transaction fees, slowing settlement times, limited network scalability and extremely volatile exchange rates.

This is not to suggest that the existing digital currencies are failures. On the contrary, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, among other leading currencies, are all monumental success stories. But none of these currencies were designed to address the payments needs of typical consumers and merchants: Bitcoin is primarily a store-of-value (i.e., digital gold); Ethereum is primarily for smart contracts; and, Ripple is primarily for interbank settlements.

The fact that these existing currencies are catering to needs other than mainstream payments implies that there is an opening for a new digital currency – one that will solve the payments challenges of today.

Enter COTI - Currency OThe Internet

COTI is a payments transaction network supported by native digital currency, and was built exclusively for payments. Its overarching goal is to enable zero-friction commerce: in much the same way as the internet enables the free-flow of information, COTI aims to enable the free-flow of value.

COTI combines the transparency of existing digital currencies (like Bitcoin) with the practicality of the major card networks (like Mastercard). It is this combination of cutting-edge cryptography with proven payments systems that sets COTI apart from existing digital currencies. This is why it is most likely to become the first digital currency to achieve widespread adoption in mainstream payments use cases.

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The 5 keys to an effective payments solution:

Scalability. COTI scales to process hundreds of millions of transactions per day, relative to Bitcoin’s ~1.7 million.

Instantaneity. COTI settles payments instantly, relative to Bitcoin’s 15 to 45-minute settlement times.

Low-cost. Users of the COTI network pay variable fees depending on their individual risk profiles, with highly-trusted users paying low-to-zero fees and users with a higher risk profile paying higher fees.

Ease-of-use. COTI is available through user-friendly consumer applications and streamlined merchant integration tools.

Buyer-seller protections. Using a decentralized network of mediators, COTI supports mediation procedures that enable transactions to be reversed in the event of errors, disputes or fraud.

COTI’s payments network and digital currency were optimized around the payments needs of typical merchants and consumers. COTI will make payments faster, more cost-effective and more reliable for consumers and merchants everywhere, while ensuring that all users transacting with COTI enjoy the same peace-of-mind that they have grown accustomed to when using the major card networks.

Who is behind the payments revolution?

COTI is being developed by a team of cryptocurrency experts and payments industry veterans working together in close collaboration. COTI’s CEO, Nir Gazit, previously served as a senior executive at PAY.COM, and its CTO, Adam Rabie, has been involved in digital currencies since the advent of Bitcoin, advising banks, hedge funds and systems integrators on blockchain-related matters. COTI’s backers and advisors include: Avi Chesed - CEO of, a leading payments processor, Sean Melnick - Chairman of Peregrine Group, a global financial services firm, Steven Heilbron - former Co-CEO of Investec Bank plc, a specialist bank and asset management group and Dr Matthew McBrady - a former Chief Investment Officer at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm.

The team, together with its legal advisors, are focused on ensuring that COTI has a robust licensing foundation upon which to build its services and to launch its token generation event. The regulatory environment for digital currencies is uncertain and in a state of flux; as such, COTI has entered into dialogues with several regulators around the world to help shape their respective regulatory frameworks. COTI’s view is that rather than hindering innovation, well-designed regulatory frameworks will push forward the mainstream adoption of digital currencies.

From a technological standpoint, COTI’s geographically-distributed ledger will be open and available to external validators. In this way, the integrity of the network will be constantly verified by third parties. This approach strikes the optimal balance between being open, transparent and secure, while still affording the scalability and instantaneity benefits that mainstream users expect from a payments solution.

Setting the payments standard

With its holistic, compliant approach that encompasses scalable payments infrastructure and user-friendly applications, COTI is on the way to becoming the leading digital currency for payments – just as Bitcoin became the leading store-of-value, Ethereum became the leading asset for smart contracts, and Ripple became the leading asset for interbank settlements.

To learn more about why COTI will soon play a major role in the lives individuals and merchants worldwide, visit and join the conversation. Members of the COTI community who can make a valuable contribution to the growth of the COTI network will be invited to participate in COTI’s forthcoming token generation event (TGE).

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