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Napoleon Is Opening The Cryptocurrency Floodgates

Humble beginnings are often a common thread for the most successful people and ideas. Like a billionaire CEO who got their start as a janitor, blockchain also began in a quiet, unassuming manner. Overshadowed by bitcoin for years, the technology has now earned a spot on the podium alongside other equally revolutionary ideas, and many even compare it to the early internet. Thanks largely to bitcoin’s stellar gains, other blockchain cryptocurrencies have also claimed a segment of the industry’s market capitalization, which recently reached over $200 billion.


At this point, bitcoin is largely saturated in the hearts and minds of the investing populace. People from around the world invest in the cryptocurrency, and other alternative coins as well, but there is only so far that individuals can take the trend. Without further support from the market at large, which includes large institutional investors, cryptocurrency is at risk of becoming a fading trend. While the current environment is suitable for big money to dip its toes in, innovative companies like NapoleonX are keeping the water warm enough to encourage them to take the plunge. NapoleonX’s upcoming ICO will undoubtedly be an important milestone in welcoming institutional participation into cryptocurrency, and will preserve the integrity of retail investors as well.

Welcoming the Major Players

Institutional investors are waiting for a stable ecosystem before joining in on the action—one that can handle hundreds of millions of dollars in volume, and remain liquid, fast, and reliable. This cannot be accomplished by bootstrapped ICOs led by small developer teams. Instead, it must be those firms with extensive experience in the current market’s status quo who welcome larger investors. NapoleonX fits the bill well. The team has illustrated their rigid dedication to compliance standards, and is showing their support for organizational funds by installing tools into their asset-trading platform that these big players already rely on, like algorithmic trading.

Key to the portfolio balancing prowess of many hedge funds, market-makers and trading outfits, this functionality will allow fund managers to apply their proprietary algorithms to funds accessible by themselves and retail investors. Smart contract functionality contained within NapoleonX’s platform allow these funds to bridge the gaps that currently exist between asset classes, resulting in unique opportunities for cryptocurrency investors.

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Creating Currencies

Smart contract capabilities allow solutions like NapoleonX to create digital contracts that run parallel to their real-world counterparts. Tradeable smart contracts that achieve real-time parity to existing ones like gold, stocks, bonds, or even other cryptocurrencies offer traders the ability to manage a vast portfolio of funds under a single umbrella. No longer will traders be forced to deal with the bureaucracy of trading between exchanges, balancing multiple assets in several accounts, or paying astounding fees for the privilege. However, in a world where anyone can create an asset, whether real or not, how does the trading community determine which are valuable?

NapoleonX answers this question with its unique Decentralized Autonomous Funds concept. A DAF, as it’s referred to, makes a diverse range of assets tradeable with a single cryptocurrency, as it is described above. However, there are a few key differences. The NapoleonX team understands that in a world where currencies can be created from thin air, it’s the underlying service provider itself that gives the assets under its purview real, lasting value. Institutional investors understand this as well, and are encouraged to make attractive, algorithmically-managed funds that encourage NapoleonX users to “vote” them into its final iteration. Those that reach a preset level of support within the community are turned into secondary coins, allowing traders to invest easily, and choose a range of funds that suit their risk exposure preferences precisely.

Look for the NapoleonX Pre-ICO to hit on November 13th, when the first contributors will be able to buy NPX tokens and contribute to the launch of the 1st crypto asset manager. In a second stage, DAFs will be assessed and launched by this new NPX community through the newly created NapoleonX asset manager.

Moving the Needle

The ability for traders to reach a consensus on which funds are supported, the inclusion of algorithmic fund management, and constant compliance efforts mean that Napoleon will be a likely proving ground for the next wave of asset trading. Platforms like these not only blur the lines between today’s geographic and digital boundaries, but demolish them completely. Few understand the vast implications for such an idea. Soon, anyone with access to the internet can access any asset in an investable format.

Financial markets are quickly changing for traders small and large, but when the big institutional heavyweights begin participating, a new era will be born. New paradigms are also quickly redefining the value of assets that already exist, and so it’s tough to predict what the market will look like as soon as next year. Big things are in store, and those who will be tomorrow’s moguls are looking towards NapoleonX and other groundbreaking platforms to bring us closer to this new paradigm.

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