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Upcoming ICO Breaks Barriers a new Initial Coin Offering is causing waves in not only the crypto world, but in finance and entertainment as well. It has made the news in recent days with the appointment of Chien Lee - entrepreneur and billionaire - who officially announced his involvement with upcoming despite the ICO ban in China. Lee is a majority shareholder in French football club OGC Nice, and has over 30 years of global entrepreneurial and venture capital experience. Mr. Lee joins a board rather unique in the crypto world, which consists of experienced business people, financial and otherwise. They bring top-tier knowledge of their industries, acquired at the highest possible levels, and are all invested in making a long term success of


Trade Tokens Now On PRE-ICO Sale

How can it add value to financial investors?

Investors will have the opportunity to buy their own Trade Tokens and will thereby join the liquidity pool of the company which is rather unique in the crypto world.  Those who join the liquidity pool will have a share in the profit of the company and will get payouts directly into their e-wallet.  The PRE-ICO launches on 7 November and the Trade Token will be available at a pre-sale discount only until 25 November.

The technologies being introduced by are unique

The company is introducing a pioneering peer-to-peer trading platform, which is forecast to disrupt the financial markets.  They do this by using decentralized blockchain technologies to distribute wealth.  Their technologies and exchange which will increase transparency and efficiency in the financial world.  For those who are familiar with trading, in short, this will enhance the trading world as you know it.

Click the video above to hear more from’s leadership

Despite the large number of ICOs pervading the crypto scene, is not a drop in the water’s board members intend that the company is here to stay. As part of the long term strategy, the team have already acquired a range of companies from different industries who intend to utilize the company’s technologies post-ICO. These are companies who have made a public commitment to even before the PRE-ICO is launched.  THB Holdings for instance is launching an innovative Super Sport Race Franchise called The Human Baton, and has aligned with partners who have worked alongside superstars such as Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. Other first adopters include UK-regulated financial firm Primus Capital Markets as well as food and beverage firm Tail & Fin in the states, amongst others.

The PRE-ICO launches on 7 November and the Trade Token TIO will be available for public purchase via its website

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