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The Rise of Cashaa

Two years ago when Kumar Gaurav and his team started Cashaa and launched their beta app for remittance and trading covering 141 countries & 97 currencies, little did the existing remittance companies like Western Union and MoneyGram know how Cashaa are strategizing to take over the remittance market. Before closing down the support for their beta product, Cashaa had successfully allowed over 12,500 traders to trade more than 2,100 bitcoins on the platform.


These numbers made crypto enthusiasts sit up and listen, and it was evident that Cashaa was well on the way to becoming a crypto sensation when it made it to the top 100 most influential blockchain companies.

In recent months, Cashaa has been slowly and steadily growing stronger and moving closer to its vision of ‘banking the unbanked’. The latest move being the launch of the Cashaa OTC Exchange allowing users to buy CAS with ETH and BTC. Cashaa however had plans to include buying and selling CAS with fiat currencies as well in this release, however due to the recent RBI circulars preventing Indian banks from dealing with crypto companies, it was postponed until a legal clarification comes from the Indian courts.

Click the video above to see Cashaa CEO Kumar Gaurav discuss financial services for the ‘unbanked’

The most remarkable thing about the Cashaa OTC Exchange is that there are zero transaction fees. This move again justifies and strengthens the confidence of the crypto community in Cashaa as a company, which is not here to simply earn money from the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies. Cashaa is strategically building a strong user-base that will have seamless access to CAS, in order to use it within the Cashaa Ecosystem. Remember, no matter how strong the CAS token price might appreciate, it will always have a solid role to play within the Cashaa Ecosystem.

With their OTC Exchange now live, the next step in the immediate development pipeline is a P2P exchange which is scheduled to be released in July 2018.

Cashaa’s P2P Exchange is a much awaited update as it connects buyers and sellers with each other based on the terms they prefer. This approach helps to bring down stringent fees which many crypto exchanges are charging these days.

With so many positive vibes around Cashaa, and the CAS Token severely undervalued right now, it doesn't need a PhD to understand how good an investment Cashaa is right now.

With a bright future in store, it may be the time to stash some savings into Cashaa, and if you want a better deal, go ahead and create an account with the official Cashaa OTC Exchange in order to enjoy zero transaction fees at

Learn more about the rise of Cashaa Click Here

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