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Pre-ICO Launch: The 7-Point ICO Marketing Checklist To See You Through To Success

These curated top 7 tips will prove invaluable to any ICO before launch


Assuming you have already answered the fundamental question of:

“Is blockchain the most suitable technology for my project?”

And you have already created, or are putting the finishing touches to your prototype, these curated top 7 tips will indeed prove invaluable to any ICO before launch:

1.         Your Bottom-Line

Consistency of your message across your website & whitepaper, comprehensive FAQs, and thorough technology testing

Your core beliefs have to be consistent across your ICO, and this won’t happen unless you thoroughly outline them, and lay them out clearly. Your whitepaper must detail your product in language comprehensible to your potential investors. Consider a professional write up to balance your big claims against the veracity of them. This needs to be backed up by thorough product testing prior to launch, with realistic targets and set milestones dates.

Especially after 2017, a pre-launch MVP (minimum viable product) is vital for investors to take your innovation as seriously as you do. Thorough FAQs on your website are not an epithet; don’t pawn them off on someone last minute. They need to address key concerns and tackle potential issues to assure your community.

2.         Align your Values

Maximum or Minimum Individual Cap, Initial 24-Hour Max. Cap

You must decide early on whether you want to stick to blockchain’s principles of distributed wealth. If so, set a reasonable max. individual cap to allow a high number of investors, or - if you need to raise a significant sum quickly - set a minimum individual cap to attract whales and select investor groups. Consider a max. 24-hour launch cap to give everyone a fair chance. When the first 24 hours are up, remove it if your hard cap wasn’t met.

3.         Determine Your Sales Parameters

Hard Cap, Presale Bounty, Exchanges Budget

How much funding do you actually need? $30 million has been thrown around a lot in 2018, but you need to justify your project budget. Then, you have to detail your forecasted growth and show investors their projected returns.

Provide options for both the token flippers and the holders. Bounties are useful to get things going but be reasonable: being overly generous early on may hinder your growth further down the line. Time-lock bonuses to prevent immediate reselling on exchanges. Allocating a set portion of your tokens to exchanges permits latecomers and rewards resellers too.

4.         Activate Your SMM Channels: Keep Them in the Know

Have a 24/7 PR Community

Use both crypto-specific and mainstream social media channels to keep your community updated, and grow your follower-base. This will widen your scope as more and more learn about your innovation and ambitious aims. Having an outsourced PR team to update and talk to your community will infinitely benefit you, keeping you freed-up to directly focus on your project.

A telegram group has become a must in the crypto-space.

5.         Be in Conformance

Security, Regulation, Know-Your-Customer and Due Diligence

Governments are perpetually evaluating the cryptosphere, mulling legislation. Check your project conforms to local regulation, and note any global regions where there may be issues. Whales will spend hours researching this before even considering investing in you, so you need to do likewise.

Evaluate your project from an investor-standpoint, and weigh up its worth; i.e. do your due diligence and set up an effective KYC process. Don’t scrimp on your legal budget, or you may be in hot water further down the line. Fully test your systems and security before launch to minimize the risk of being compromised too.

Try to see what’s coming next, maybe look into a dICO – decentralized ICO, where there is less hassle with KYC and you can potentially accept investors from all over the world.

6.         Get a Great Team on Your Side

Precision Marketing, ICO Tools, Review & Evaluation

You have the bolt of lightning: the innovation that will potentially upend industries. Ensure you allocate your time to do what you do best: research, build and trial your design.

You can’t handle everything yourself, especially the specialist tasks, so budget outsourcing appropriately.

Having an outstanding ICO-exclusive team (or multiple teams) on your side will give you access to targeted bespoke ico marketing campaigns, invaluable ICO tools, and a thorough project review including recommendations on how to progress.

The right team will stick with you all the way from inception to establishment. You will build an invaluable relationship that you will both profit from along the way.

Consider offering a proportion of your tokens as partial payment: a gesture of your belief in your idea. Acceptance of it will reflect others’ belief in it (and you) too. But don’t dilute the power of your tokens, find the right balance.

7.         Stick with Your Team and Your Plan

Once Underway, Don’t Deviate from Your Intricately-Crafted Strategy

Follow your plan, else developing it was simply a waste of time. Adapt - where necessary - to environmental conditions, but don’t unjustly deviate. You spent hours building your strategy, and the trust between your team members.

Going with familiar faces early-on is crucial for trust and work synergy. Carefully consider bringing in new, unknown members later on; it may warrant unseen issues.


Follow these Expertly-Selected Guidelines and, in all Likelihood, You will Succeed.

You have engineered your coinsale not to be an instant cash-in but rather a token with a genuine design behind it that adds real value and efficacy to your market, industry, and investors. It will be hard work, but well worthwhile when it comes to fruition.

Above all, the journey should be enjoyable

Contact us to learn more about our exclusive ICO team, who provides industry-leading, comprehensive insights from PR to strategy, to team construction and more. We will be with you all the way from inception right through to launch and beyond.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

Good luck to you, and enjoy your journey!

Radu Balas started his entrepreneurial journey through authoring professional mentoring publications, and from there he firmly established himself with his first startup: Publishing Addict.”

“His current setup, ICO Battle, promotes select blockchain technology startups with high disruptive potential and realization for positive change: supporting them all the way from inception to launch and insisting on an MVP (minimum viable product) plus trialing before going to market. A full service ICO marketing company.”

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