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The Era Of Revenue-Sharing Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency world is full of new innovations, wonderful opportunities as well as risks. Everyday new cryptocurrency ventures are launching in the market. DECOIN is a new cryptocurrency exchange that stands above the rest, with plans to make a major impact on the digital currency world. It features new concept for exchange investments, revenue sharing and POS technology which is going to be the biggest thing in 2018.


What is DECOIN?

DECOIN, is an open source shared peer to peer platform that has its own cryptocurrency. The DECOIN Trading & Exchange Plaform (D-TEP) will allow coin holders to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies as well as providing a range of benefits to both the currencies traded on the exchange as well as the DECOIN coin holders. This unique and innovative technology incorporates transparency, security and 24x7 live support.

DECOIN uses a pure and delegated Proof of Stake (POS ) protocol - based on the concept that an individual coin holders can approve block exchanges as indicated by what number of coins he or she holds. The more cryptocurrency claimed by an individual, the more coins he will be rewarded for as part of the protocol coin distribution.  Each DECOIN holder, who holds the coin on their secured DECOIN wallet, will equally share the benefits (unlike non delegated POS protocol). 

DECOIN is a blockchain empowered "Revenue Sharing Exchange" Coin. It is creating a fast, simple and straight forward currency trading platform, which shares the additional coins generated by the algorithm with its coin-holders.

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DECOIN Trading and Exchange Platform (D-TEP)

D-TEP is an exchange platform that redistributes revenues collected from trading fees charged on the platform, back to people who hold the coin. The D-TEP exchange is the first PoS exchange platform that shares its revenues with coin holders while using a POS consensus algorithm. In PoS-based cryptographic forms of money, the maker of the block is picked by means of stake. In the case of DECOIN, coin holders will stake them in their online wallet (full node) and will qualify for a 6.2% annual increase, to the quantity of coins they hold or claim.

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DECOIN’s PoS Algorithm is different from the Proof-of-Work (PoW) used by bitcoin and ethereum.  In these cryptocurrencies the clients approve exchanges and create new blocks by doing specific sum of computational work, leading to massive energy and electricity consumption.  It also distributes most of the rewards from verifying blocks to the most powerful miners.

DECOIN’s PoS framework requires the client to show ownership of a specific number of digital money units. It is still a calculation (like in PoW), but the process to achieve the objective is cheaper, more efficient and much more organized. This shared economy concept seems to be the reason more and more cryptocurrencies technologies are shifting towards POS.  The significant reduction of energy consumption during the process, as well as the equality it provides all the coin holders are making it the the attractive choice for the next generation of cryptocurrencies.

Technology Features

Security: Provides multi layered security. Verification includes their exchanging stage, shielding exchanges and withdrawals from the trade, while giving greatest security to customers. Only 3% of the coins are stored online, while the remaining 97% are stored offline to assure maximum security.

Scalable: D-TEP will be able to execute up to 1 million match/second making it one of the fastest and most scalable exchanges available in the market.

Trading tools: According to its whitepaper, DECOIN is planning to utilize financial tools like Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and ETF Indexes which are built from multiple cryptocurrency companies’ coins sorted by sectors and segments. It will allow traders to enjoy the benefit of prices increasing or decreasing as an investment tool. 

Credit cards: While banks still refuse to work with cryptocurrencies, DECOIN can provide liquidity solutions. It provides five (5) types of credit cards whose conditions depend on the amount invested.

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DECOIN, unlike the ETH based apps, uses the PoS algorithms in a completely different manner. Below is a comparison between DTEP, ETH and BTC:

DECOIN CEO Shay Perry believes that ‘security coins’ are the cryptocurrencies of the future and the impending regulation that nations will inevitably roll out: “we are working on getting required licenses globally and are working to insure that DECOIN and D-TEP will comply with and work in accordance with any relevant regulation, while many others have yet to fully embrace that”.

More information on the ICO and the company itself, including whitepapers and vision, can be found on

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