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Dethroning The Money Behind Big Screen Blockbusters

Where just a decade ago, the world’s celebrities were aloof, distant, and almost unreal, today’s most popular pundits and entertainers are likely amateurs who launched themselves on YouTube or another social platform.


As media and technology continue to evolve in parallel, it’s only natural that video has become the most in-demand form of content for any environment, as it’s simply more immersive and efficient than print or audio. To answer the immense need for more video content, the internet and more cost-effective manufacturing of production hardware has helped regular people become the world’s most followed hosts. However, while we’ve taken leaps and bounds towards ensuring sharing is easier than ever, the current infrastructure does an unfortunate about-face in the profits and financing department.

User-driven internet content platforms help individuals gain traction and give subscribers the content they love, but when it comes to professionally-produced movies and shows, the creative process is still held hostage by financiers. If they’re going to invest big money into a blockbuster or hit TV series, they want to know that they’ll get paid, and so they protect their interests by centralizing the creative process to maximize their audience. This approach doesn’t lead to the best content, nor does it equitably compensate those whose blood, sweat, and tears went into its development. Fortunately, in the film industry and countless others, blockchain represents the magic wand that innovative companies can use to create a better dynamic between content consumers and creators.

Building a New Bond Between Consumers and Creators

One such company is BOND. BOND seeks to unseat the executives and institutional investors from their lofty perch in the film industry, instead replacing them with the collective money and tastes of a discerning, decentralized crowd. All it takes is a perfectly-balanced incentive model courtesy of blockchain. The BOND team has watched platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo prove the need for a blockchain solution by crowdfunding new films, but they can’t properly address the real issue at hand. Viewers need a real stake in the projects they love—something more valuable than the opportunity to watch content they already paid for. BOND delivers this capability readily, by allowing ambitious filmmakers to host crowdfunded content on the decentralized platform and sharing fractional profits with their audience.

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The BOND platform represents a fairer deal than either Kickstarter or YouTube, as subscribers can have a direct influence on their favorite personalities’ content by funding it with cryptocurrency called BFP coin. More relevant content for a specific audience means that groups can band together and help content creators make more appealing, entertaining projects—and then share the wealth as it goes viral. The crux of the platform is content ownership via the decentralized ledger, on which all owners of BOND’s content are immutably recorded. This makes the distribution of royalties automatic and fast, whether the project is a one-off movie or a subscription-like deal. Because blockchain smart contracts can execute themselves once a video is watched, they pay a video’s collective owners the proportionate amount of tokens in real time.

As a decentralized service, BOND is an efficient and low-overhead endeavor, and for this and other reasons has a strict no advertising policy on its platform. The team is comprised of experts who are intimately familiar with the needs of modern content consumers and creators alike, whether high-profile moviemakers or amateur streamers. Founder and CEO Vlad Lobak, for example, has over 20 years in the online streaming and VOD services industry. Accordingly, he understands that when popular services advertise themselves as ‘free’, they charge nothing for using the platform but make up for it in an inordinate slice of viewer-based revenues. His BOND team is disrupting this paradigm with its intricately woven funding and viewing model.

In pursuit of this vision, BOND is offering early investors a chance to get a head start in funding the next generation of successful film creatives. The private pre-sale will be available to those who sign up now, with the event slotted for mid-May 2018 and registered investors able to acquire BFP coins at a reduced rate. The public sale will be less exclusive and equally valuable for participants. There are many reasons to get one’s hands on BFP, whether to be the patrons of their favorite content, or to scrutinize modern trends and build a portfolio of royalty-generating decentralized assets.

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