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Using Blockchain To Bring Real Estate Back To Eye Level

Where the world encounters a problem, technology finds an answer. This notion is more pertinent than ever to modern struggles like globally inconsistent access to financial services, which solutions like bitcoin were invented to address. Bitcoin also brought with it a foundational technology called blockchain, and though it was overlooked at the time, blockchain has revealed itself as the key to creating a new wave of more efficient services. In nearly any business environment, blockchain enjoys high relevancy due to its ability to disintermediate transactional dynamics. It couldn’t have come at a better time for the real estate sector specifically, with the market in one of its most challenging and turbulent states in recent memory.


It’s never been more difficult for lifelong renters to afford a residence of their own, thanks in large part to a housing market that has kept inflating despite low wage growth and limited access to fair credit for those who need it most. Accordingly, young families in the millennial generation are pigeonholed into squandering money on rent, instead of investing it in a property of their own and building equity.

Blockchain innovators the world over use the young technology to disrupt some of the most inequitable industry norms, and real estate specifically will get its comeuppance, courtesy of ROCATI. Instead of simply creating value out of thin air, ROCATI backs up the price of its cryptocurrency with a tangible asset class: physical property. Where potential homebuyers currently encounter several nearly insurmountable obstacles when seeking financing, ROCATI uses the deleveraging power of cryptocurrency to offer a better deal, and to denominate the price of its supply of homes.

Instead of finding a house, dealing with the agent, then going to a bank and enduring a scrutinizing, lengthy, and exorbitantly-priced mortgage process (if a prospective buyer is even deemed creditworthy), the new solution is more forgiving. By denominating mortgages in cryptocurrency, ERC20 smart contracts serve as a more airtight medium to replace the paperwork and processes that banks, agents, notaries, creditors and other peripheral services push on home buyers and sellers. ROCATI can skirt the housing market’s most opportunistic middlemen, by acting as a veritable Swiss Army knife of realty utility.

New buyers can visit the company’s local agency presence, called Itarco, to see which homes in their area are for sale, which renovations are possible, and what portion of the mortgage can be paid for in tokens (also called ROCATI). The renovation aspect is a crucial component, and can be bundled into the digitized mortgage to give new buyers a home that suits their tastes from the outset. ROCATI offers an enforceable, even-handed model whereby buyers can get a mortgage equal to 100% of their new home’s value as well, which is plugged into the immutable ledger and wholly inviolable.

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The network’s role as a decentralized agency, lender, and platform is reinforced by the team’s expertise in these areas, meaning a wide variety of properties, favorable loans, strict documentation requirements, and insulation from the devious vultures in the off-chain real estate market.  For those obtaining a house via ROCATI, they can look forward to finally ceasing their rent payments and gaining an opportunity to buy their own customized property. Transferable agreements (a new form of Rent to Buy) on the ledger offer buyers the ability to avoid required deposits and other advance payments, and fully own a home without a burdensome initial investment. They can also free themselves from the stress of protecting their nest egg to focus on growing a family instead.

To make this vision a reality, ROCATI launched their ICO, with 45 million tokens available at the price of 1 euro each. Investors can be confident that their capital is protected, because each token they purchase is backed by a system that holds permanent, material value.  A primary driving force of any economy is its real estate market, yet many of the largest markets are surprisingly unfriendly to residents. A move towards profit at the expense of the greater good is being stopped in its tracks thanks to blockchain, and stakeholders in this revolution will, collectively, be the property moguls of the future. They will also enjoy the fruits of this disruption with homes that are easier to obtain, and innovators like ROCATI will be the standard by which others in the new paradigm are measured.

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