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World-Wide Web Finds Free Model Thanks To Blockchain

Greater access and a wider variety of tools is what propels individual social mobility, and there is no tool more useful in this regard than the internet. The internet allows people to acquire skills, get informed, communicate with one another, and leverage their own abilities to earn money. Many view the internet strictly as a utility just as essential as water or electricity, but unfortunately, those who stand to benefit from it most, cannot. Due to their socio-economic status and geography, internet providers are not willing to establish infrastructure in places where residents don’t have the money for a subscription. Even those fortunate enough to have their own personal internet connection must pay absurd rates for access, often time spending thousands of dollars per year.


Internet Service Providers are the main dealers of web access to communities around the world, perpetuating an antiquated model that makes it difficult to avail of the internet’s advantages without them. When wandering around a crowded public area it’s easy to find hundreds of wireless internet hotspots at any given moment, but for reasons including safety, the majority are locked behind password-protected gates. Access to few of these might be granted by supporting a local café or restaurant, but not everyone has the money to buy a muffin every time they need to check their email. To address the obstacles facing an impending upgrade to this outmoded paradigm, blockchain innovator World-Wifi is using the new decentralized technology and a shrewd advertising opportunity to turn the tables.

World Wi-Fi offers a precisely-balanced solution to approach the various issues keeping wireless internet insulated. With a blockchain-based system for safely connecting residential routers to their open network, and a mutually-beneficial advertising model designed to motivate participants, the company is quickly growing their global network of free Wi-Fi nodes. WeToken (WT) is the cryptocurrency that acts as a transactional medium by which router owners generate passive income for connecting and sharing their hardware. Payment comes from the advertisers who tap into the network to target, analyze, and display ads to those who use it for free. In exchange for this privilege, users are required to watch a short commercial or advertisement before being allowed online. WeTokens have a value equal to ten ad views on the platform, the fiat price of which is set by advertiser demand for the more thorough data model, which provides superior transparency and targeting than what’s possible today from other legacy systems.

Click the video above to watch World Wif-Fi’s recent FAQ in Amsterdam

In the centralized internet, stratification of data services, bots, and an overabundance of middlemen create enormous inefficiencies for advertisers, who will essentially be the engine that drives the spread of World Wi-Fi’s network. Tying the idea of blockchain and universal web access with a more equitable big data model could only have come from World Wi-Fi, which has extensive experience in relevant industries. The company is responsible for the former successes of Radius Wi-Fi and Adrenta, which created a hotspot network and a wireless advertising marketplace, respectively. Founders of both projects, IT experts Yan Sepiashvili and Ilya Yashin recognized in blockchain the technology that would finally perpetuate a properly incentivized token model all while securing the open network at the same time.

The World Wi-Fi team will kick-off the project’s initial coin offering on April 18, 2018 and it will run for a month. Contributors have a chance to invest in the future of the internet, but also to become its greatest advocates. The WT Wallet enables ICO investors to receive an exclusive invitation to the World Wi-Fi network, and the ability to connect their router to it and then refer friends who can do the same. For participating in the original token sale, however, the first wave of Initial Invites grants router owners exemption from the small ad commissions that other Referral Invitees might pay some advertisers. The idea behind World Wi-Fi incorporates all the necessary elements to combat the entrenched internet model, and the plan is to list WT tokens on major exchanges in 2018 after beta testing ends. In other words, the internet will soon leak out of its hermetically-sealed container and begin to finally reach those individuals and communities who would benefit from it most.

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