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Blockchain Booking System Enters Alpha

Hotel and holiday booking platform, based on a NEO system rather than the traditional means of a middle man, is making strides towards its alpha which it plans to release later this month. The pre-sale has concluded, and now March 22nd becomes the next deadline for the blockchain booking solution as it hopes to stick to their deadline of releasing their platform alpha over a week before the main sale begins on March 31st.


Blockchain Booking

There is an issue in the holiday planning and hotel booking ecosystem currently where booking websites and intermediaries are bossing the space, demanding huge commissions which are overall bumping up the price of hotels for holiday makers, all the while taking away profits from the destinations.

Therefore, is taking aim at the middlemen that place these massive commissions on hotels and holiday makers, and all the while, they hope to build a better, and simpler connection between the customers and the venues, ensuring a better overall experience.

The commissions and rates that are being charged are as high as 15-25 percent, with these coming from some of the major sites like and Late Rooms. According to, these fees are being passed on to customers “more often than not” and eliminating them altogether would bring the cost of a hotel stay down considerably.

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The idea behind eliminating the middlemen is looking to make the process of booking on the blockchain as simple as it is innovative. There are a number of added benefits that go beyond the fees implemented by intermediary booking companies.

Blockchain technology can help with issues surrounding booking disputes, as it is all plainly laid out and depressed on the transparent blockchain. Additionally, untruthful reviews have appeared in the media recently, and the blockchain can help to put an end to these and make that system more open and reliably truthful. 

But in assisting those who are used to going to and the likes, is also accepting traditional payment methods, meaning that those who are currently not familiar with the cryptocurrency space as it stands today, can still benefit from a middleman-less ecosystem. 

Concierge does not simply want to become another intermediary for those without cryptocurrencies, they therefore explain in their whitepaper that non-crypto users will “still see considerable benefits in comparison to using already established platforms.”

Finishing step one

On moving towards their alpha, Concierge have had to complete a lot of work in order to get their platform up and running, and, with phase one essentially finished, it seems that this blockchain solution could start challenging soon. 

In completing the phase they called “Sprint 1” Concierge have finished the booking flow, and payment flow, as well as structured their smart contracts in terms of releasing of payments. The company has also seen their homepage and authentication build to completion as well as honing their smart contracts further.

Step 2/Sprint 2

The next ongoing phase includes working on authentication and access through Google and Facebook. Together with that, the team are also focusing on user profiles, search results, management of properties and finally, the static pages. 

There is proof of forward projection when it comes to the process is taking. Their Alpha is already functional, and thus, anyone who picked up their tokens during the pre-sale can start to make bookings after March 31st. 

In a sector brimming with middle men, an opportunity to make contact with venues, and operate without all the additional costs can only be well met.

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