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Disrupting The Karate Community With Blockchain Technology

Estimated at a total of 190 million people spread across 180 countries, the global karate community increases in popularity with every year that goes by. Made up of teachers, trainers, students, practitioners, and academy staff, the ecosystem demands competent fund management and proper resources to function.


Due to the lack of event and tournament sponsorships, inefficient funding requirements, and inflexible methods to keep people involved and hooked on the sport, the karate community needs to change. A new Blockchain-powered project that leverages the experience of the world’s karate legends aims to disrupt the current system with decentralized solutions that could connect the community, provide transparent payments and funding mechanisms, and change the present status quo of the sport.

Challenging the status quo of the karate community with Blockchain

BoutsPro was born out of a need to improve the existing karate community.  The aim is to raise awareness about the potential lying at the core of the karate industry by jumping on the blockchain bandwagon. The implementation of smart contracts on Ethereum and ERC 20 utility token, BoutsPro, will simplify funding management; streamlining payments and increasing transactional transparency.

“Bouts” will be at the heart of the BoutsPro platform. The utility token is placed at the disposal of all users. Advertisers, event organizers, karate fans, trainers, and students can leverage the crypto token to engage in risk-free activities, secure and transparent transactions, and more.

BoutsPro is looking to craft a decentralized ecosystem

Just like many other sports, a number of companies and organizations are willing to sponsor future talents because they believe in their potential. Karate is no different, although the needs of a young karate student go beyond endorsements. Above all, he or she needs mentorship and proper training; a teacher to guide them on the right path. 

The BoutsPro mission is to unite the community and bring students, teachers, practitioners, fans, and supporters together on a single platform. By creating a new system where people interact and build relationships, the platform will start generating revenue in the form of student/member registration, advertising, tournament sponsorship, event sponsorship and more. 

BoutsPro will collaborate with karate legends on the making of a decentralized karate ecosystem. The organization will be handling organizational activities, sponsorships, and different offerings pertaining to the industry, including dojos and schools. Future plans also include the creation of a club where teams will participate in competitions such as the World Professional Karate League.

Tokenizing karate practitioners, students, and teachers

One of the core goals of BoutsPro is to leverage Blockchain technology to set up a transparent registration system. It will be based on a fee payable in Bouts tokens and used to covers access to tournaments, events, and additional karate-related activities. A secondary goal is to collaborate with the Czech Republic’s Pozetta Broadcasters and QuickMedia to create a TV channel, and provide video live streaming and videos-on-demand. 

The BoutsPro ICO will go live on March 11. To ensure full transparency of the project, there will no pre-sale/private sale. The developers wants to provide equal opportunities for all with a single-phased ICO that ends on March 25. Following this date, the Bouts token will be listed on major crypto exchanges - including CoinMarketCap - and made available for trading.

The ICO base price begins at 9,000 Bouts tokens payable in ETH, with a minimum purchase price of 0.1 ETH. In terms of token distribution, 50 percent will be reserved for the public crowdfunding. 25 percent is meant for the karate community, and 10 percent is locked and reserved for 2 years to continue the platform’s development. 5 percent is dedicated  for trainers and players as a reward, another 5 percent is a reserve fund for future platform demands, an additional 3 percent goes into the bounty campaign, and the remaining 2 percent is meant for the advisors.

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