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Meet the company that is changing the way we invest in Real Estate

For thousands of years, owning land has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Historically, Real estate was something only the wealthy few could acquire, but modern financing is making owning property more accessible. The rise of crowdfunding and the digital real estate revolution has made investing in real estate easier than ever before, with drastically lower minimums, and ownership just a few clicks away.


RealtyFolio is here to take things to the next level. When Jonathan Klein, former banker and Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) alum, came up with the idea for RealtyFolio, he was looking for effective ways to invest with his own money. With years of investment experience, across several financial markets, Jonathan was well versed with the benefits of real estate, but frustrated with the transaction time and required maintenance of real estate, as opposed to other types of investments such as stocks, bonds, and commodities.

“Real estate has great value proposition to investors. It has wonderful long-term appreciation and stability, typically free from market volatility. Plus it can provide a monthly income. On top of that, anyone can leverage their money three or four times. It is hard to beat that.” - Klein

However, the time it takes just to find and close on a property, along with the effort required to manage it can be frustrating to investors in a world where everything is constantly moving faster. Jonathan realized the traditional way of investing in real estate is outdated and he envisioned a world in the near future where most retail investors would invest in real estate through an app, with the click of a button, not dissimilar to how millennials invest in stocks today. He knew the digital revolution was coming to real estate investing.

After researching the industry, he noticed that while the existing platforms have lowered minimums and certainly made it easier to invest, most were focused on one type of real estate investment or another. They either offered debt or equity, residential or commercial, and were still quite limited in their options. There was still no platform where clients can easily invest in all types of real estate, similar to how clients can invest in almost every stock with one trading account. What ends up happening is that clients are not as diversified as they should be, or their funds have to be scattered around several platforms, which is less than optimal, and far from efficient.

RealtyFolio is solving all of these issues. RealtyFolio was designed to be a platform where investors can invest in all types of real estate, asset classes, and investment types, and easily build a portfolio that meets their personal needs. Klein immediately brought in partners who were experts in their respective real estate fields, from investors, lenders, commercial brokers, to developers. RealtyFolio has a team that has experience in all facets of the business, with over 30 years of combined real estate and financial experience, and over $1 Billion in transactions under their collective belt.

“RealtyFolio is the easiest way to build a personalized real estate portfolio. We have the most diverse and robust offering of real estate investments on the market. Our clients range from investors who want short term deals with fixed returns and monthly income, to those looking for long term growth, or something in between.” - Klein

Interested in short term debt? Great. Exit-oriented equity deals? Perfect. Commercial deals? Residential? Preferred equity? RealtyFolio features it all. Their debt deals typically deliver an annual return of 8-12%, and their equity deals historically have exhibited an IRR of 15-20%.

Clients love the balanced portfolio option, where they can invest a certain amount onto the platform, and have their capital distributed across multiple investment types simultaneously. These portfolios have target annual returns of 14-16% depending on the allocation strategy. It is no wonder RealtyFolio was ranked the top digital real estate investment platform in a survey of over 1000 investors.

RealtyFolio currently only accepts accredited or sophisticated investors onto their platform, and space in their deals are typically limited due to high demand. As for the online real estate investment industry as a whole, it is expected to grow to $400 Billion by 2025, and as more retail investors start adopting digital real estate as the norm, trillions more can pour in. Soon enough, most real estate investment transactions will be done digitally, through an app, and RealtyFolio will be at the forefront.

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