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The Influencer Market Is Too Big And It’s Time For Someone To Disrupt It

One term you might have heard since social media started getting really popular is “influencer”. It seems like a loose term, but at its core it means that brands can reach lead through a nearly infinite number of modes of advertising.


What is the Influencer Market?

First, you need to know what an influencer is; Influencers are people who use YouTube, Instagram, or some other form of social media to build a following. These influencers work tirelessly to build an audience that understands their personalized message and identifies with them in some way or another.
The result is a more trusting relationship, as well as regular people being able to make money advertising. Sponsorships aren’t just for celebrities and athletes anymore!

Worldwide, the influencer market is now worth about $1 billion for its ability to create value by commoditizing attention. One thing that should be noted about this is it is an entirely new category of advertising and doesn’t necessarily subtract from any of the other ways messages are communicated to an audience. People are on social media and watching television at the same time, which means the pie of attention just got bigger rather than it being a complete trade-off between the two. 

Everyone Has a Brand

The crazy thing about the influencer market is how it totally surpasses the need for other forms of advertising. Why would companies want to pay for a large and unfocused audience through television advertising when they can precisely target certain audiences using influencer marketing.

In this way, you are seeing a lot of the old modes of advertising get replaced by influencers. Another special thing about influencers is the fact their audience has actually opted in to follow them and hear what you say. Compare this to the ads you hear or see only because there is no other alternative. It is a clearly better manner of establishing a relationship with potential customers.

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Enabling Better Management

The biggest issue in the influencer market is figuring out how to scale the influencer brands out on a global level. Most influencers have local brands and struggle to connect with global brands because of their limited reach.

This requires:

One company that thinks they can solve some of these problems is PATRON. PATRON is a Japanese startup headed by Atsushi Hisatsumi, who is an influencer himself. The goal of his company is to create a blockchain-based startup that can facilitate influencer interactions worldwide, while also cutting out intermediaries.

Previous to the conception of a platform like PATRON, influencers that wanted to scale up would have to go through agents in order to find companies that wished to use their services. By creating a platform similar to Uber or Airbnb, PATRON is unlocking a ton of new capital that can flow into these businesses.

PATRON is Building Fast

Right now, PATRON is in a state of rapid growth. They are going through the ICO process in order to raise enough capital to build out their platform. The Pre-ICO starts on February 14th and the public sale begins on March 1st.

If they are able to raise as much money as they are hoping, they will be able to hire developers to put together the necessary applications and protocols to bring PATRON’s vision to life. Additionally, the money will be used to fund an expansion into San Francisco and build partnerships with influencers.

Change is in the air, and it could mean great things for the advertising and marketing world, as well as for influencers. Intermediaries are going to be forced to deliver higher value, or die off, which means the next few years are going to be incredibly interesting.

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