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Sp8de Bridging The Gap Between Online And Blockchain Gambling

Gambling’s popularity has always been high and because of that it is a sector that is always looking to expand and move with the times. Online gambling was a big step up for those who enjoy games of chance and skill, but the internet has not been a flawless transition for gambling in terms of fairness.


Because of potential skewing of the random number generation in online gambling the potential for Blockchain technology to step in and add an hitherto unseen fairness to gambling online seems to be the answer. But again, there are teething problems with this new technology adapting to a gambling setting.

Fairness may be reinstated for gambling if it is moved to the Blockchain, but that Blockchain space comes with its own issues, issues which can make it almost impossible for the games to function. 10 minute wait times related to scaling issues are real deal breakers for any online gambling games trying to make it in the Blockchain space.

Building a functional environment

With the issues of fairness being ticked with regards to gambling on the Blockchain, the issues of Blockchain scaling and micropayments, to name a few, need to be addressed to. This is why Sp8de is looking to create the environment for Blockchain gambling games to function on.

Sp8de is a platform that is allowing casino game builders to set themselves up on. It will allow these operators to utilize feature-rich application with zero-house edge, on top of cutting the fees to nearly nothing.

The biggest factor and making this ecosystem work, with a number of games along its platform, will be for the Blockchain to transact thousands of micro transactions a second.

Bettering the Blockchain

Each game in a gambling sense is a host of outcomes which are attached to transactions, but these transactions can be very small, or big payouts. However, one can see by their very make up why Blockchain technology can work for this as it is a number of smart contracts that execute when a threshold ir result is met.

These microtransactions need to be almost instantaneous however because players cannot wait 10 to 15 minutes for the outcome of one blackjack game. For this reason, Sp8de has gone with Ouroboros, the POS protocol underlying Cardano.

It is a protocol that can handle the multitude of transactions, regardless of their size, and thus becomes a solid base on which to build this new Blockchain gambling protocol.

Jackpot winner

In order to get the ball rolling, much like the roll of the roulette ball, Sp8de will be distributing their tokens by operating an airdrop-like Jackpot Lottery win. For its contributors, those who have a bigger stake in Sp8de have more of a chance of receiving a random airdrop of tokens. The amount is also relative to the holding of the contributor.

Building a better Blockchain

The Blockchain holds so much potential for so many sectors of society, however, it needs to be functional for its true potential to shine.

Clearly, if Sp8de is successful, one can see the issues of online gambling being solved, with regards to fairness, but they have also looked to address the internal issues of the Blockchain with its scalability.

Making sure that a busy Blockchain can handle an ecosystem of gambling games means that there is a new step for Online gambling to take, which could even pioneer advancements in Blockchain adoption.

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