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A Successful Team Unites To Build A New Blockchain Breakthrough

Today there are many companies, starting their ICO, but not so many are achieving their goals. But what is the difference between those who fail and those, who are really successful? Perhaps, the key ingredient is the team of experienced and qualified people. Today we are examining the ClearCoin successful ICO and the company team.


ClearCoin is a successful blockchain startup providing the marketers with more transparent and reliable digital advertisement tools. Despite they have just started, the company already has more than 10,000 registrations and received more than $3 million during their ICO.

Now the company has 7 well-known advisors, such as William Ramirez, Sebastian Mychel Cruze, Marcos Rocha, Jack Trama, Danilo Vujicic, Bernie Burns and famous blockchain veteran David Drake. But the results we see today, were achieved by a team.

ClearCoin was founded by Jay Singh, and now he is company’s CEO. Jay has more than 14 years of experience in digital advertising technologies. In addition to multi-million deals with leading venture capitalists, he organized digital advertisement for such brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. His previous success was the ViralGains company. Jay started it in 2012 and raised $30 million from venture capitalists signing contracts with dozens of customers from Fortune 500 list. At his professional way, Jay gained and expertise in engineering, product, operations, finance, sales, and marketing of digital advertisements. May be, it is because Jay successfully passed global technology accelerators like MassChallenge and 500 Startups. Now he works in Burbank, California and he is actively developing a new company, leveraging ViralGains experience with a larger scale and higher stakes. He formed together an interesting team, and now we will get familiar with them.


Tailor Short is company’s CTO. His expertise covers modern artificial intelligence technologies and 3D data mining. Working with such technologies like Tensorflow, Jupyter, Flask, Nodejs, NPM, and Matlibplot as a back-end and Sketch, Reactjs, Typecript, Sass, Nuclide, Relay, and D3 as a front-end, Taylor has a really huge expertise. In addition to it Taylor is also a successful entrepreneur. Back in 2013 he opened the Soulbot Automation Agency, a company to provide Remote Digital Employees (RDEs) solutions for those, who want to automate the business, managing distributed team. Now Taylor is keen on blockchain and smart-contracts.

The ClearCoin’s Vice-President of Engineering is Christopher Elwell. In the past he was also VP for Engineering at Purple Services, and helped the company to raise $2.5 million along with attracting 20,000. Christopher created the Purple mobile app. He has a huge experience in managing the engineering team. Earlier, he was one of the founders of WeSawIt technology startup, which helped venues and artists showcasing their events and connecting with people.

As for practical software development, ClearCoin architect Yura Monchak has a 13 years of experience for integration and programming. He was interested in early blockchain developments (including Solidity and web3.js). Among other projects, Yura took part in one mobile ad tech project, and now it helps developing the innovative digital ad product.

Click the video above to learn how important blockchain is to advertising


The Chief Operating Officer is Tammy Leigh Kahn. She is responsible for product development, market strategy planning and implementation. Tammy is also an entrepreneur. In addition to 15 years of career in digital marketing, e-commerce, and business development, Tammy was the Vice President of Market Development & Agency Relations at G2 Crowd, the world's leading B2B peer review platform. In 2009 she founded and became CEO of MarketMeSuite, one of the first platforms for social media marketing management. MarketMeSuite was used by 80,000 companies and received $2.6 million in funding. Tammy’s successful company was acquired in 2014. In 2009 she founded and became CEO of MarketMeSuite, one of the first platforms for social media marketing management. MarketMeSuite was used by 80,000 companies and got $2.6 million investment. Tammy’s successful company was acquired in 2014. In addition to ClearCoin Tammy hold the Advisor role at MASS Exchange

Matthew May is another one example of leadership. He has already proved his talents with Storj, which raised over $30 million during ICO. Matthew is a real expert in dealing with difficulties when using both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. He monitors all the latest legislations for cryptocurrencies and has a huge experience in taxes, bookkeeping, audit, consulting, transaction advisory.

The ClearCoin’s Vice-President for operations Michael Goldstein was a co-founder of Sneakster, an iOS mobile group messaging application. Earlier he founded Magnum Defense, which produces software for law enforcement and governmental agencies. By the way, Michael already has to active U.S. Utility Patents and another one blockchain-based is patent pending.

A perfect mix

Today there are a lot of startups no the market, but not every ICO goes well. In the case of ClearCoin, all the components are in place. They have experience, expertise and a track record of successful launches. The major part of the top-management is represented by experienced entrepreneurs, they know how to raise investments, and how to promote the product in a new, blockchain era. Perhaps, this is the key factor for company success.

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