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Crowdfunding Done Right - A Land Of (Equal) Opportunity

The recent surge of cryptocurrency and its counterpart, blockchain, has sparked a technological revolution, with the birth of countless new companies along with their tokens, platforms, and ecosystems. But keeping track of them all has become nearly impossible, making it all too easy for a new business to get overlooked in an overcrowded industry. But whenever a service comes around that addresses a problem so many identify with, and solves it in a way that brings social, financial, and humanitarian benefits to the entire world, it’s hard not to notice. That’s exactly what Acorn Collective is doing in the world of crowdfunding.


What’s wrong with crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has become an incredibly popular and effective way to raise capital in order to launch products, initiatives, projects of all kinds. It is even estimated that the crowdfunding market will reach the hundreds of the billions of dollars by the year 2025. But the current crowdfunding model has a fatal flaw that limits its ability to faithfully serve its fundraisers and contributors: Its platforms are funded by investors who are primarily interested in generating considerable profits from them.

As a result, crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Gofundme charge high platform fees to fundraisers and transaction fees to contributors while offering little or no customer support in return. This also places undue pressure on platforms to be highly selective of which projects to host on their sites, favoring those who have already generated large social followings or raised significant capital on their own.  This system discourages most founders from even trying to crowdfund, and it most notably marginalizes projects originating from emerging or developing countries that lack the resources and social following to be considered profitable “investments” by these platforms. 

The time has come to reclaim the soul of crowdfunding. And Acorn Collective aims to do just that.

Acorn Collective - The land of (equal) opportunity

Acorn Collective is a crowdfunding platform that enables all legal projects anywhere in the world to raise funds absolutely free of charge. Using a more democratic and transparent approach, Acorn Collective focuses on supporting its founders and backers, while sustaining a free and open marketplace for one and all.

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The nuts and bolts

At the heart of the Acorn ecosystem lies the Acorn Hub. Here is where founders and backers meet, with as little interference as possible from Acorn itself. Once a project is funded and ready to go to market, Acorn makes it easy to then deliver products to customers using the Acorn marketplace. Here, founders can sell their products directly to backers and other customers - once again, with little to no intervention from the platform itself.

And to facilitate this, Acorn will implement its own payment app, allowing users from all over the world to exchange products and make payments easily. This step is an especially crucial step towards Acorn’s vision of creating local and regional communities around Acorn-funded projects, where retail businesses and consumers can exchange using OAK, Acorn’s unique token.

The OAK token

To streamline all payments made on the platform, Acorn is issuing the OAK token, which will be used throughout the ecosystem for backing projects and making payments. The ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency not only makes it easy for people from countries of underdeveloped economies to easily access and exchange funds, but it also offers all its users the robust security benefits provided by blockchain technology.


What ties everything together is the way Acorn plans on covering expenses and generating revenue. Instead of seeking out traditional investors, Acorn’s crowdfunding platform will be funded by...well, a crowdfunding campaign of its own.

By issuing an ICO, Acorn doesn’t need to charge fees to generate profits from individual projects. Instead, ICO participants and other token holders benefit from the overall development of the entire ecosystem. As more projects and more products are sold, the OAK token will rise in value, benefitting all token holders and the company itself. And to help facilitate the overall growth of the ecosystem, Acorn offers generous incentives to early adopters of the platform and is rewarding those who attract others to join the ecosystem as well.

There is already a growing list of founders anxious to fund their projects using Acorn Collective. And with the Acorn Hub scheduled to go live in mid-2018, only a few months stand in between them and frustration-free crowdfunding. 


Acorn’s ICO presale will take place from January 29th to February 19th, 2018, and will offer a 50% discount on tokens, while the main ICO is scheduled to begin in March.

Have an idea you’d like to fund? Looking for an easy way to back a new product?  Acorn collective might be the newest and best way to do it.

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