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Authur Automated Bank Trading System
Price: $ 10000.00

These days Forex trading may be conducted by means of automated software applications that automatically exchange data with the dealing center’s server in real-time mode.

In such a way online currency trading is conducted automatically. In contrast to manual trading, one of the greatest advantages of automated Forex trading is the possibility to perform complex calculations, as well as analysis of large volumes of historical data, quickly and easily, in case such a need arises.

In addition, automated currency trading software saves great amounts of time, and allows trading around the clock, with no need for a user to sit in from of the computer.

Advantages of Automated Forex Trading Tools

* No need to be present at the computer.

* Opening and closing orders is conducted instantaneously, in the time period needed to transfer signal from the trader’s computer to the server.

* Automated Forex trading tools allow round-the-clock trading. This feature, of course, can increase the number of closed deals, and received profit, correspondingly.

* Possibility to optimize indicators automatically. Optimization gives better Forex trading results, but for limited time periods. So, having set up regular optimization, the trader may rest and let the system re-check the data even during process of trading.

* Possibility to set up order closure in certain time.

* Avoidance of human error. Bad or good mood of a Forex trader is often his or her greatest enemy. * The program strictly follows the set strategy. The capital management rules obeyed by the software are a warrant of earning and saving more in the unstable market conditions.

* Automated Forex trading can be programmed for increasing the trade volumes in accordance with the set scheme. It is very convenient to reduce or increase the number of lots depending on the circumstances.

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Monthly Fee:   No
Free Trial:   No
Software Type:   Web
Email Alerts:   No
Mobile Alerts:   No