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342 Auger
H7X 3T1

ForexSurvivor is a dynamic trading system that avoids all market noises. This program is neither a trend-following nor a counter-trend system but a combination of both. ForexSurvivor was created early in 2000 and after eighteen months of rigorous testing, ForexSurvivor Partners decided to start live trading, since the system was out-performing most of the existing FX benchmarks.

A target can take 2 days to achieve or it can take 2 weeks to a month. Using the factors mentioned above will only attempt to rush or delay a trade to a target. Strategies in use are sometimes reassessed if signal is still holding a position. It is always better to have an optimal entry rather than have to adjust a poor trade.

Why DOES forexsurvivor does not use stop-loss?

ForexSurvivor does not use stop-losses. Many different kinds of stops (percentage, fixed dollar amount, etc) have been tested and it has been proven that the system performs best without the use of stop-losses. Its performance actually improves by 30% when no stop-loss is used. ForexSurvivor is always in the market which is an amazing achievement for any trading system.

Software Information
Monthly Fee:   No
Free Trial:   Yes
Software Type:   Desktop
Email Alerts:   No
Mobile Alerts:   No

Trading Platform Information
Trading Type:   Swing Trading
Trading From Charts:   No
News Integrated:   No
Charts Integrated:   No
Live Support Incorporated:   No
Indicators and Studies:   No
Possibility to build proprietary indicators:   No
Possibility to build proprietary systems:   No
DDE Capabilities:   No
Stop Order:   No
Market Order:   No
Trailing Stop Order:   No
OCO Orders:   No
Limit Order:   Yes

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