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Forex By Design Charting
Price: $ 177.00

Standard and Advanced Charting:

* Range Bars,
* Point & Figure,
* US Dollar Index (modified for Forex trading),
* Minute Bars and,
* Great Customer Service Included FREE!

Range Bars Charts: Eliminate time from your charts. Concentrate on price only! Range Bars are visually intuitive indicators allowing you to see what matters, so you can trade what counts. Let range bars reduce the complexity in your trading. Simplify and win!

Point & Figure: Discover clear breakout signals! Point & Figure charts also concentrate on price! Created more than 100 years ago, this invaluable indicator still benefits the long and short trade alike. Introduce calm into your trading. Discover the true market trend, reduce volatility, and stay in winning trades longer!

US Dollar Index (modified for Forex trading):  Because the US Dollar (USD) is paired against other currencies, its overall direction is critically important. The trend of the USDX should be consulted before entering a USD based pair trade for even greater trading results. Forex By Design has modified the US Dollar index specifically for the Forex trader.

Minute Bars: Are you a Forex trader accustomed to minute-bar charts? We’ve got you covered! Forex By Design provides user-defined minute candlesticks and bar indicators. Pick your time-frame, whether short, intermediate or long-term. Our 3D, visually enhanced charts will display your minute bars with a clarity you’ve never seen before!

Software Information
Monthly Fee:   Yes
Free Trial:   No
Email Alerts:   No
Mobile Alerts:   No

Charting Software Information
Print:   Yes
Ability to Save Layout:   Yes
Trading From Charts:   Yes
Ability to Save Indicators:   No
Timezone:   GMT
Customizable Indicators:   Yes
Programmable to:   Javascript
Chart Types:   Bar, Candlestick, Point & Figure
Backtesting:   Yes

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