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Coral Springs, FL.
United States
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Autochartist Direct
Price: $ 29.00

Chart Patterns: Autochartist automatically alerts traders by audio and visual alerts when emerging and completed patterns are identified. Chart patterns identified by Autochartist include: Triangles, Channels, Head-and-Shoulders.

Fibonacci Patterns: Autochartist automatically identifies Fibonacci patterns and visually illustrates the levels at which support or resistance is expected according to the theory of the Golden Ratio. From straight forward extensions, retracements, and ABCD patterns, to more sophisticated setups like Gartley and Butterfly formations.

Key Levels: The technical analysis of horizontal support and resistance. Traders are notifified when price approaches or breaks through important key levels that have been automatically identified by Autochartist.

PowerStats: A feature that gives traders important statistical information about the instruments they trade. It helps when setting stop-loss and take-profit levels and provides a better assessment of risk and volatility.

Software Information
Monthly Fee:   Yes
Free Trial:   Yes
Software Type:   Web
Email Alerts:   No
Mobile Alerts:   No

Charting Software Information
Print:   Yes
Ability to Save Layout:   Yes
Trading From Charts:   Yes
Ability to Save Indicators:   No
Timezone:   GMT
Customizable Indicators:   Yes
Programmable to:   Javascript
Chart Types:   Bar, Line, Candlestick
Backtesting:   Yes
Drawing Capability:   Fibonacci (Cycles, Price Extensions, Price Retracement, Speed/Resistance Fans, Speed/Resistance Arcs, Time Extension Lines), Horizontal Line, Vertical, Line, Regression Channel, Trendline

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