US 30 Year T-Note Futures - Mar 24 (USc2)

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this is going to be the only safe place for money to hide. all other asset classes will be sold and moving into Cash.
I just went all in on it.
support broken
Me too.
Same here...
People shilling this garbage in the comments, unbelievable
Trading at 2002 levels. Surely our treasury is much more valuable now then it was 21 years ago. BUY THE DIP!!!
China mass sell long-term to fund effort to keep CNY from crashing.
Money will fly to the safety of Bonds (safe return) as the Equity market sell-off intensifies
Very close folks
200+ is inevitable when there's nowhere else to go but LT bonds.
What is 200+ I'm not sure. Thanks.
Long 122 21/32
Oops..I meant Lowering
Out 122 25/32 Flat + 3/32. Low volume today
Correction +4/32
Got short US 122 24/32. I will be trailing a 2 bar stop on a 2500 Share Volume chart. I think we could see 121 21/32 as a potential target. stop currently at 122 22/32
10 Day SMA now 122 22/32
Out +2/32. Try again later
the markets always do the opposite of what people think
better load up on these T-Bonds because you're never going to get a better deal on the yield than this.
rip ackman
where I can find the yield for this issue?
in a book
First time poster with Bonds. I'm bearish just got short 127 7/32. I'm thinking of covering below 126.
Hey James, Im short today as well. How were you able to know to go short so early on this move down?
Welcome to bondland. Prepare to be wrong
Get ready to fist the bears with passionate apprehension
an absolute gift! everybody will be flocking to buy 30-year bonds at stocks start crashing any minute now!
*as stocks
Here we go!
folks when the time comes and people lose faith in stocks bonds will already be at $120 and rising
Bonds are about to rocket higher as stocks collapse
Bonds only go up!
Double top?. Expecting push back up @7:30 before going lower
Yoooo lol didnt i call that 7:30 . I hope im finally becoming a great daytrader
Everything is meme.
Triple Bottom here. If this isn't a Buy I don't know what is!
If we can get above vwap, a buy . If not break of the low not sure how far it can go
@TheGlobe Trade !thanks for the insight! I was not sure how to play this day . I have not studied patterns like the one you mentioned. but i can see how i can definitely apply them l. Amazing call ! 👍🏻
Idk. Looks bad, man.