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why did it rise so high?
thanks jpow for crashing the yields
Did not age well i guess
5yr Auction 0.621%
12:00 first liquidity injection. 14:30 second one. You can even know at what time money printer goes brrr and market starts going up again
before lunch, and after lunch
negative rates are a question of time not if.
This will go to zero before election night
looks like a managed market. however, does the Fed really have a chance other than to let it fall below zero.
The Fed and Treasury wants the shorter dated to fall.
 they do not want it, yet they are forced to drive the rates down.
if trendline broken, it is going below zero.
Record 5-year auction completed! Strong demand. Current yield 0.319% @ 01:24 PM ET
Bear flag broken?  Are interest rates in becoming negative?
US bonds swiftly closing in with German bonds closing the yield spread. buying bonds by taking out  short term loans from the Fed is the nearly the only way for banks to generate cash. the Fed generates this way over 600 bn per year of risk free cash to banks, insurance companies, institutions...
gigantic fallout from bear flag. this is going below zero as early this week. jobless claims will go over one million.
bear flag broke down. what will this do for the dollar.
bear flag on the cusp of breakdown. negative interest rates likely.
should the bear flag collapse, yields will be going below zero.
bond yield is going to be zero soonerrrrrrrr
nope. the 3 month went also below zero. negative interest rates coming in all maturities.
Pffft negative yielding bonds? This 5 year note peaked in the mid 70's with over 16%. Then Der Boomer dumped their bags. The market has never recovered since and we're left with fighting for economic scrap cloth.
higher oil ( blue line WTI)  do not lead to higher interest rates. a conflict with Iran would also bring the US economy down to its knees.
when short interest rates fall, gold ( blue line) is soaring.
steep slump of US interest rates. are they going negative at the end of the year?
US unemployment will head to 2% from where we are today.  Rates are flat (for now) to rising.  People will wake up too late and realise we were navigating choppy waters in to a 40 year bond bear market.
We are in a transition phase from bond bull to bond bear.  People are confused.  Most have never seen a multi decade bond bear before.  We are in choppy waters and all those expecting this to head lower again and to negative FFR are going to be mistaken.  In the Bond bear you will see precious metals/crypto,  commodities,  equities and inflation all move higher.  Just the bonds go down.  This inversion is short term.  You will see 5 10 start to move up and when people realise what's happening a bit of panic will develop.
rates are in freefall worldwide.
5 year notes below FED funds since over a month. very recessionary.