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Ora ci sta acquisto
🐴 Waiting for a little upside momentum here!!!
I am buyer of BTP now. Rate hikes already priced in the curves.
i was right
yes, ressonable
this is my personal opinion based on my information and my readings every second since lot of years
my rumors i heard and accordig to all the news economic i see in those days about ebc and the politic of fed... no tapering no sell of state btp or us treasury till september... then the fed will start the tapering at the end of the year followed by fhe ecb... so i have btp i holding till yhe end of summer my prevision in future value id 156-155 then selling titles at the end of august
yes, but what now? sit and wait or shorting again?
i Was right
ok, that's it. right?
up to 152 in 10 days my opinion
🐎Hitting 46rs  was really quick & easy , let me ask why it should go up even more...what is Your timeframe Sir?
10 june bce decisions ... my feeling and rumors are quite good they will start to buy more again governament bonds
Betting we will see the 146ers before going down a little more...
We almost reached the 144 level..that was mentioned on the Italian forum...😊💐🐎
per la crisi che avremo credo siano anche pochi.
What to do now?
nobody here i assume ...?
short squeeze, rising bear wedge developing
H&S . target 127.8
to short its only five min traders mainly traders mainly keep opening long positions at day low price
To short,its only 5min trades mainly keep opening long positsions at day low price
buy ?
Short at 138.70
Nominal rates could increase if inflation moves up with oil