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Government Bonds

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10 year Bond Yield Chart

US Treasury Yield Curve

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Delivery Method


 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 U.S. 30Y3.8623.8893.8663.855-0.027-0.71%19:27:00 
 U.S. 10Y3.6653.6993.6683.658-0.034-0.93%19:27:00 
 U.S. 5Y3.8303.8563.8303.830+-0.026+-0.68%17:05:00 
 U.S. 2Y4.5094.5474.5124.498-0.038-0.84%19:25:00 

Major World Government Bonds

Americas Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 U.S. 10Y3.6653.6993.6683.658-0.034-0.93%19:27:00 
 Canada 10Y3.2993.2743.3193.244+0.025+0.75%16:54:54 
 Brazil 10Y11.11711.22011.15011.150-0.103-0.92%11:03:06 

European Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 Germany 10Y2.36702.37002.40702.3090-0.0030-0.13%18:30:41 
 France 10Y2.9022.9232.9582.855-0.021-0.72%13:24:52 
 U.K. 10Y4.23254.20804.24404.1590+0.0245+0.58%12:59:00 
 Spain 10Y3.3453.3723.3973.310-0.027-0.80%15:59:48 
 Italy 10Y4.1414.1754.1944.088-0.035-0.83%12:59:50 

Asian Pacific Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 Japan 10Y0.4180.4250.4340.421-0.007-1.65%13:05:00 
 Australia 10Y3.8133.8133.8133.7890.0000.00%19:26:54 
 Hong Kong 10Y3.4683.5213.4683.468-0.052-1.49%17:25:02 

Bond Indices

 IndexLastHighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 DB Long US Treasury Bond Futures215.8800215.8800215.88000.00000.00%21/09 
 TR Canadian All Bond All225.340225.340225.340-1.046-0.46%02/06 
 FTSE Eurozone Government Bond >10Y146.677147.413146.6770.0000.00%28/02 
 TR UK 10 Years Government Benchmark784.175784.175784.1750.0000.00%05/06 

Financial Futures

 NameLastPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 US 10Y T-Note113.98113.78114.06113.98+0.20+0.18%19:17:05 
 US 30Y T-Bond128.28127.91128.41128.25+0.38+0.29%19:15:07 
 Euro Bund134.44134.44134.94133.82+0.40+0.30%19:26:40 
 UK Gilt96.7696.7697.0696.24+0.32+0.33%12:59:54 
 Japan Govt. Bond148.06148.06148.10147.86+0.23+0.16%13:56:50 

This Week's Auctions

Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous
Tuesday, June 6, 2023
04:40   EUR Spanish 12-Month Letras Auction 3.445%   3.216%
04:40   EUR Spanish 6-Month Letras Auction 3.372%   3.129%
05:00   GBP 30-Year Treasury Gilt Auction 4.478%   4.083%
Wednesday, June 7, 2023
05:00   GBP 2-Year Treasury Gilt Auction     4.121%
Thursday, June 8, 2023
11:30   USD 4-Week Bill Auction     5.130%
11:30   USD 8-Week Bill Auction     5.220%