New American Funding

New American Funding Mortgage Review


New American Funding is one of the few national insurance companies that is family owned. A mortgage with New American Funding is ideal for borrowers who wish to be evaluated based on non-traditional credit. FHA loans, VA loans and down payment assistance are all offered through New American Funding. Available in all states except New York and Hawaii.

Why New American Funding?

  • Offers reverse mortgages and other non-traditional payment options
  • Bilingual assistance for Spanish-speaking borrowers
  • Manual underwriting means eligibility is based on a big-picture look at the borrower

What you need to know

  • Min credit score: 620
  • Min down payment: 620
  • Loan types and products: Purchase, refinance, reverse, jumbo, fixed, adjustable, FHA, VA, USDA
  • Typical lenders fee on a conventional mortgage is $1,629

New American Funding is not for borrowers

  • Seeking a home equity loan or HELOC