FreedomPlus Review

FreedomPlus is an online lender that provides loans from $7,500-$40,000 for a variety of purposes, such as consolidating debt, home improvements and making other major purchases. FreedomPlus developed a proprietary underwriting process that delivers low-cost loans to borrowers and low-risk access to consumer loan portfolios for vetted investors. FreedomPlus takes a special interest in “emerging prime” borrowers, those with a credit scores between 600-749. The rationale towards these lending practices is simple: to offer competitive rates to borrowers whose credit score will likely rise, FreedomPlus can lend to those who will make reliable payments.

Why FreedomPlus?

FreedomPlus provides loans to borrowers with credit scores starting from 640
FreedomPlus encourages co-signers, offering more competitive rates for borrowers who apply for a loan with a co-signer
If you want to consolidate debt, FreedomPlus offers direct payment to creditors.
FreedomPlus rewards borrowers with retirement assets of $40,000 with a lower rate on a loan.
FreedomPlus borrowers are assigned a loan consultant to guide them through the process and insure eligible borrowers receive all relevant benefits. Consultants can be reached over phone or email.

What you need to know:

  • Loans with FreedomPlus range from $7,500-$40,000
  •  FreedomPlus offers loans to borrowers to prime and sub-prime credit holders
  • Loan terms are 2-5 years
  • APR ranges 7.93%-29.99%

FreedomPlus is not for:

  • Borrowers who wish to take out less than $7,500
  • Borrowers who don’t want to pay penalty fees
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4.99%-29.99% APR Range
670 Min credit score
24-60 Months Loan Term