Car Loans Calculator

Calculate your payments so you can drive into the sunset

Use our free car loan calculator to determine your monthly car payments over the lifetime of your loan. Enter the information in the fields below to determine what the best payment plan is for you.

Vehicle Price (before tax): The amount you need to pay for the car before tax
Trade in Amount: The amount of credit a car dealer is willing to put in towards the new/used car in exchange for ownership of your old car.
Interest rate: percentage of original loan you will pay in the form of interest
Term: Lifetime of your loan
Down Payment: The amount you pay upfront on your car, which is deducted from future auto loan payments
Owed in trade: the amount you still owe on the car loan of the vehicle you’re trading in
Sales tax: the percentage of the vehicle price you must pay in taxes
Start date: The date your car loan begins