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Personal Finance 101: Back to Basics

  • 10 Do’s and Don’ts When Taking a Personal Loan

    Sometimes, we need extra cash. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that often there are more expenses than cash flow. Obviously, the best situation to find yourself in is to have a…

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Personal Loans

    Many people might find themselves a little short on cash occasionally, and one route they may take is trying to get a personal loan. A personal loan can be defined as a loan that…

  • Debt Consolidation vs. Personal Loans

    Most consumers have no idea what the differences are between a personal loan and a debt consolidation loan. Quite often, they get confused as to which option they should select…

  • Personal Loans and Credit Score Myths

    When taking out a personal loan, or any type of loan for that matter, it’s quite common for lenders to check your credit score and history. Because the credit score formula…

  • Buying a Car with a Loan vs. Leasing

    When it comes to the decision of adding a vehicle to your life, the choice between leasing a vehicle and buying one is a tough one. On one hand, leasing a car has lower monthly…

  • What are the Credit Score Ranges & What is a Good Score?

    Those 3 numbers can make a big difference. Your credit score might not seem like big deal but it can change your monthly mortgage or car loan payments by hundreds of dollars.…

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