Taking out a mortgage is a major step in turning your house into a home. Consider all your options when making smart mortgage decisions at every stage. Investing Money is here to empower homeowners everywhere.

    Free Mortgage Calculator

  • Becoming a home owner is serious business. Our free mortgage calculator helps you plan ahead and consider your options with ease. It’s accurate, fast and simple. We believe calculating your mort

    Simply plug in the basics:

    Home Price: the market cost of your home
    Down Payment: amount you pay out-of-pocket
    Interest rate: the percentage of monthly interest
    Mortgage Term: how long you will be paying off your mortgage (30 years is standard)
    Start Date: month and year you will begin paying off your mortgage

    And voilá! Your monthly payment is calculated along with your total interest and total principal amount. When it comes to becoming a homeowner, we want to make sure you’re one step ahead,

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