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Q. Who are Team Macro Man?

A. We are a few old friends of Macro Man who are trying to maintain his style and insight and though we know it’s never going to be the same, we do our best. We are all working in financial markets however our backgrounds are varied across asset classes, geographies, roles and institutions. Why Team Macro Man? Though it sounds like a pub quiz team, any other names we came up with for us as a collective sounded even more like one.

Q. Why do you write the blog?

A. A number of reasons, but we have found the discipline required to set down thoughts on a daily basis, subjected to public scrutiny, to be highly useful. It provides an archive of our thinking at any particular point in time, and enforces a quality control of ideas. The comments section has proven to be a valuable resource, both in terms of providing feedback to our own thinking and in the ideas that readers occasionally share: a few of the latter have ended up in our portfolios. Finally, it provides a forum for the occasional rant, which is always useful to let off steam.

Q. Why do you post anonymously?

A. Anonymity confers a certain degree of protection, insofar as we can say what we want without legal threats appearing on our desks or bricks through our living room windows. But more importantly we do not want our opinions, snipes or general bad taste to be associated with our employers. Of course, anonymity also demands a great deal of responsibility, something that we take very seriously. Everything that we write we believe to be true, and hopefully our tongue-in-cheek humour will be obvious should we be appearing to state otherwise.

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