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MetalMiner currently ranks as the largest industrial metals publication in the United States, according to third-party ranking sites. With a preemptive global perspective on the issues, trends, strategies, and trade policies that will impact how companies source and/or trade metals and related metals services, MetalMiner provides unique insight, analysis, and tools for buyers, purchasing professionals and the financial community, among others. As “The Economist” of metals blogs in both style and substance, the site covers everything from aluminum prices to steel prices to rare earth prices, and a diverse range of topics including commodity risk management, supplier risk management, global pricing trends, capacity constraints, and supply market M&A activity.

In addition to sourcing and trading insight, MetalMiner provides lead generation services to metal producers, service centers and related service providers, and daily price points through its unique pricing application, MetalMiner IndX(SM) ( MetalMiner has appeared on, Thomson Reuters, MSNBC, NPR Marketplace, and BBC Radio, and has also received coverage from The Christian Science Monitor, American Iron and Steel Institute, and Automotive Industry Action Guide.

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