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Kathy Lien

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Kathy Lien's Opinion & Analysis
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United States 10-Year yields are closing in on 5%. What's the Big Deal? What does it mean for stocks and gold?
5 Stories Impacting Gold Forex Stocks This Week:1. Israel-Hamas Conflict and impact on markets 2. US Earnings Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) 3. US Retail Sales Reports 4. US Fed Chair...
How does the Israel-Hamas war impact the financial markets and your investments, trades in stocks, gold, oil and forex?It all boils to Iran. Here are the opportunities in Treasuries, gold, oil, oil...
5 Stories Impacting Gold, Forex, and Stocks this Week1. Israel-Hamas Conflict and impact on markets 2. China's Country Garden missed payment 3. US jobs report follow-through 4. US Fed Minutes &...
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September Non-Farm Payrolls - Good for USD and BAD for Gold and Stocks. Here's a look at why
In this video, I talk about my Top 10 Euro Forex Trading TipsThere will be nuggets for beginners and seasoned traders!
Here's My Top 4 October 2023 Trading Tips for Gold, Stocks and ForexGot Octoberphobia?! 
Get ready for a game-changing conversation! In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Oddsjam’s CEO, Alex Monahan, as sports betting meets trading strategies. Discover the secrets behind...
Here are 4 reasons why the US Dollar is very strong.