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Kathy Lien

  • Analysis & Opinion

Kathy Lien's Opinion & Analysis
A complete archive of Kathy Lien's articles, including current analysis & opinion - Page 7

In 60 seconds, learn how the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes and cuts affects gold, Stocks and the US Dollar.  
There are 6 central bank rate decisions this week. In this video I talk about what to expect and how to trade them
In this video, I talk about how $100 oil affects growth, S&P 500, Dax, and Forex. Learn how to use these trends to identify trading opportunities.
Today is Quadruple Witching Friday! Here's a quick video on what quadruple witching means for stocks and forex
Here's an update on the My Forex Funds situation, along with five ways prop firms are adjusting after their shutdown.
How US inflation report affects the US dollar and stocks
These are 5 Market Risks to Watch for September
In this video, I go through 3 of my favorite ways to trade gold.
The most important release this week is Friday's US non-farm payrolls report.In this video, I talk about how a strong or weak jobs report affects stocks & forex
Is Prop Trading LEGAL? Explained by Pro Day Trader Boris SchlossbergDiscover the truth about prop trading: Is it 100% legal in 2023?