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Kathy Lien

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Kathy Lien's Opinion & Analysis
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In this video, I talk about my Top 10 Euro Forex Trading Tips There will be nuggets for beginners and seasoned traders!
Here's My Top 4 October 2023 Trading Tips for Gold, Stocks and Forex Got Octoberphobia?! 
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Here are 4 reasons why the US Dollar is very strong.
In 60 seconds, US Government Shutdown? How Does it Impact Stocks, Dollar and Gold?
In 60 seconds, here's my list of 5 Most Important Trading Rules
Your 6-Step Checklist - How to determine the best prop firms. In this video, I’ll walk you through 6 key factors that you can use to determine whether a prop trading firm is safe. While no company can...
In 60 seconds, here are my top 10 Fed meeting takeaways:
In 60 seconds, learn how the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes and cuts affects gold, Stocks and the US Dollar.  
There are 6 central bank rate decisions this week. In this video I talk about what to expect and how to trade them