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Butler|Philbrick & Associates

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Adam Butler and Mike Philbrick lead Butler|Philbrick & Associates at Macquarie Private Wealth in Toronto Canada. Adam Butler holds both CFA and CAIA charters; Mike Philbrick is a Certified Investment Manager and Accredited Investment Fiduciary. Both are Senior Vice Presidents and Portfolio Managers.

Butler|Philbrick & Associates manages about ~$100 million for institutional size and private investors, mostly healthcare professionals. As a team, Butler and Philbrick conduct research and publish studies with 3 objectives:

1. To mercilessly pursue the truth about financial markets, and dispel common myths that cause most investors to be unsuccessful.

2. To mercilessly pursue the truth about human nature, and present tools and cognitive frameworks that encourage investors to play to their strengths and minimize vulnerabilities.

3. To mercilessly subject their assertions to peer review so that only the most robust techniques are deployed in the management of client portfolios.

Their absolute return approach abrogates reductionist system design techniques in favour of solutions which quantify the structural and dynamic relationships between securities, asset classes, and geographic regions. Their approach is guided by the empirical reality of diminishing returns to linear relationships in financial markets; innovation in the investment sphere now requires that we understand the interplay between securities before we can reliably understand them individually.

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