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Doug Eberhardt

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Doug Eberhardt is the author of the book, “Buy Gold and Silver Safely.” If you don’t know anything about investing in gold and silver, start with this book first. Doug was a financial advisor for over 30 years and left the business to write about how the financial services industry has programmed the minds of most investment advisors to be biased against buying gold and silver investments while at the same time utilizing flawed models of diversification and out of date theories that no longer represent present day investing. Doug wrote the book “Buy Gold and Silver Safely” to help investors understand how to buy gold and silver, what metals to buy, how gold and silver fit into a diversified portfolio as well as exposing the Gold Dealers tactics in charging 30% or more in commissions. Doug has been exposing the bias against buying precious metals as part of a  diversified portfolio from journalists, CFPs, CFAs, economists, the financial media and  others on his blog for over three years after working for one of the largest gold dealers in the United States and seeing firsthand how they rip people off. Doug simply wants the truth to be known about buying gold and silver and challenges anyone as to whether they should be a part of one’s portfolio.

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