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Comments by usd inr
Ukraine sees some merit in Chinese peace plan Feb 25, 2023 12:31AM ET
like how USA respected the sovereign borders of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen..? and who was there to 'condemn' the Almighty's action? the g20? UN? FATF? What a joke.
Ukraine sees some merit in Chinese peace plan Feb 25, 2023 12:24AM ET
so? will the US or NATO provide the much required oil to our economy and to millions of people? Again, a fine display of western hypocrisy.
Ukraine sees some merit in Chinese peace plan Feb 25, 2023 12:22AM ET
you mean like how United States of America play both the sides arming Pakistan, fueling terrorism on Indian borders and still calling India a strategic partner and an ally? Western hypocrisy says, it's my way or the highway.
Nifty 50 Dec 13, 2022 3:40AM ET
19350 and lower
Nifty 50 Dec 13, 2022 3:40AM ET
in finnifty whatever bulls ate in the morning, shat it out in two big red candles. bulls hag dengey 19300 levels tak in a matter of 30 mins
Nifty Financial Services Dec 13, 2022 3:37AM ET
finnifty formed a perfect triple top and now heading towards 19350. Potential to go lower and test its original 19300 level
Nifty Financial Services Dec 13, 2022 1:15AM ET
profit booking and selling will come after 1 pm. should settle between 19300-19350
Taiwan Semiconductor Nov 16, 2022 12:11PM ET
bahahahah, funny man.
Nifty 50 Nov 03, 2022 3:26AM ET
markets will fall severely if it breaks 18000 fake treacherous upmove it gave for past week.
Nifty 50 Nov 03, 2022 3:25AM ET
18000 will break
Nifty 50 Nov 03, 2022 2:36AM ET
finally someone wise here
Nifty 50 Nov 03, 2022 2:24AM ET
we all know how Indian companies operate and the kind of governance and management control. Hyperinflating stock prices and later dumping them in the market is an age old practice. the manner in which banks stock prices have ridiculously shot up is unbelievable and is bound for a good correction very soon, starting just about anytime now.
Nifty 50 Nov 03, 2022 2:08AM ET
not yet but just as it happens in India, all the bad news is opened like a can of worms without a warning to the public and by the time you realize, Big players have already made the fool out of us.
Nifty 50 Nov 03, 2022 1:57AM ET
nifty currently above 18000 is like an undeserving student who has been granted scholarship for all the doubtful reasons. can't wait for market to fall below 18k.
Nifty 50 Nov 03, 2022 1:52AM ET
Dow, NASDAQ and indices world over are in RED but NIFTY sticking at 18000 shows the kind of manipulation by the Big players. just wait until the end of the day and you will see nifty below 17900. Mark my words. Inflation and war are real problems and being overly optimistic without any reason will lead to doom. wait for 18000 to break and it will all fall like pack of cards.
USD/INR Oct 19, 2022 11:48AM ET
hahaha bleed? this was a slaughter. like if you made loss on USDINR today.
USD/INR Oct 19, 2022 8:00AM ET
82.5-83 will be sustainable
USD/INR Oct 19, 2022 7:24AM ET
yes RBI has literally lost its mind. There is a ridiculous liquidity in the market and pausing the hike will just make it worse in the months to come. Looks like RBI is okay with weaker rupee and higher inflation but cannot compromise on growth at all.
USD/INR Oct 19, 2022 7:17AM ET
85.60, 90.60, 100.60
USD/INR Oct 19, 2022 6:05AM ET
highly overbought and a non sustainable upmove. This shouldn't sustain 83 level and should cool down between 82.5-83 levels.
USD/INR Oct 13, 2022 9:53AM ET
Can you explain please? How USD will be a history?
USD/INR Oct 13, 2022 9:51AM ET
USD 85 season premiere coming soon {{e:f09f989c}}
USD/INR Oct 13, 2022 9:49AM ET
Bad inflation data again LOOOOOL! Long live USDINR bull 🐂 {{e:f09f9886}}
U.S. CPI Rose More Than Expected Again in September; Core CPI Up 0.6% Oct 13, 2022 9:45AM ET
Just can't wait for the midterm elections with Biden reelected, admission of Ukraine into the NATO, OPEC+ continuing to shun the USA to side with the Russians and 2023 welcoming us with open arms into recession. Perfect recipe of disaster thanks to Bidenhole.
U.S. CPI Rose More Than Expected Again in September; Core CPI Up 0.6% Oct 13, 2022 9:10AM ET
As a newbie baby bear trader, I give all the credit to Biden for the amazing profits I have made so far across the asset classes. With Biden in charge, tracing the market movements have never been so much easier. {{e:f09f9886}}