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Comments by True Stamp
You, Too, Europe? Assessing Credit Suisse's Insolvency Risks Mar 16, 2023 12:05PM ET
Will Americans ever learn what's Europe and what's not?
Dollar Gains as Panic Returns, ECB Meets Amidst Banking Crisis Mar 16, 2023 6:26AM ET
Dollar index 92 by June 23
Why Bitcoin Is One of the Greatest American Inventions Mar 15, 2023 4:51PM ET
The FED is a tool for illicit money. That has become even more clear since inflation raised its ugly head. Just in case you didn't notice.
Dollar gains in safe-haven buying as Credit Suisse sparks wider banking fears Mar 15, 2023 9:16AM ET
Hysterical market reaction. No need to sell Euro and Cable. Credit Suisse is a swiss bank. Switzerland's currency is the swiss Franc. Neither ECB nor the Bank of England have any reach there whatsoever. Euro and Cable are safe heavens.
Wall Street ends green as inflation cools, bank jitters ebb Mar 14, 2023 11:54AM ET
FED isn't mandated to spend taxpayer money to backstop bankster misinvestments.
Moody's changes outlook on U.S. banking system to 'negative' after SVB collapse Mar 14, 2023 11:26AM ET
Wouldn't have thought they dared to do this. In 2008 they became famous giving worthless paper AAA ratings.
Meta to wind down NFTs on platforms amid crypto bust Mar 13, 2023 6:53PM ET
Hope Meta becoming obsolete soon. It's not a platform. It's a big bug.
Factbox-Which companies are affected by SVB collapse? Mar 13, 2023 6:46AM ET
I am wondering where all the exposure sits because the companies exposure mentioned in this article here in sum seems to be miniscule compared to SVB's overall now frozen portfolio.
Silicon Valley Bank's ominous wobble casts long shadow ahead of jobs report Mar 10, 2023 6:37AM ET
Investment money seems to be drying up fast all over the place.
Former Ohio House speaker Householder convicted over $60 million bribery plot Mar 10, 2023 5:51AM ET
Moneyflows into lobbies must be more transparent and corruption in public office should be sanctioned with death penalty as millions of dollars are stolen from millions of people
Why Savvy Traders Are Not Worried About S&P 500’s Dreadful Price Action Mar 10, 2023 4:46AM ET
meant bonus instead of bonus
Why Savvy Traders Are Not Worried About S&P 500’s Dreadful Price Action Mar 10, 2023 4:45AM ET
I am seeing trading ranges all over the place. Once everybody sees them, everbody trades them and soon they will disappear, because big money won't allow markets to be predictable for retail. The more places you have them, the more likely you'll hear crashing bonus during the next move which then should be contagious over all asset classes. Fasten your sealtbelts may not help a lot then
2 Key Facts Every Investor Needs to Know About S&P 500 Drawdowns Mar 09, 2023 6:56AM ET
This means 40 % is in the cards now, statistically. Add another 40 % cut for an outlier and you're at fair value
The 2009 Collapse That Never Came: A Lesson in Long-Term Investing Mar 07, 2023 7:48AM ET
The difference between 2009 and today is, that at least officially, we have QT instead of QE and we have rising rates instead of falling rates. Which is significant.
Is the Rise of 0DTE Options Fueling Market Volatility? Mar 07, 2023 7:19AM ET
When you compare sentiment with ytd indices percentual gains, how does that fit together?
Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Bubble? Mar 04, 2023 8:55AM ET
In my opinion, phase 1 has not even fully started.
ECB confronts a cold reality: companies are cashing in on inflation Mar 02, 2023 6:15AM ET
Good point made. My impression of what I'm seeing is the exact same. Profit margins as a cause of inflation need definitively be addressed. Companies who were not profitable before Corona and the Ukraine war doing freeloading. Shame on these
Savvy Traders Are Getting Greedy Feb 28, 2023 4:31PM ET
The longer your, let's call it a, strategy works, the harder the fall
Is U.S. Dollar Forming a Monster Topping Pattern? Feb 27, 2023 1:15AM ET
92 by June
Highlights from Berkshire Hathaway's annual report and Warren Buffett's letter Feb 26, 2023 5:26PM ET
He isn't too picky when it comes to Moral hazard within his aquisitions. Think about what Wells Fargo did to their clients. I remember him not to be too eloquent about this
Russia's Tinkoff bank to suspend trading in euros from Feb 27 Feb 26, 2023 4:53PM ET
You are nurturing a completely distorted view of what a nationstate is. Be it the US or Russia. And noone will ever change this
Elon Musk accuses media of racism after newspapers drop 'Dilbert' cartoon Feb 26, 2023 4:41PM ET
Only billionaires and the homeless are positioned to speak the truth. Everything in between just purports biases
Don’t Sleep on Airbnb Stock if You Want in on the Travel Boom Feb 26, 2023 9:31AM ET
Airbnb going to have a hard time in the long run. Not because of regulation but because of newcomers in the market.
The Stock Market Is Not As Bad As It Seems Feb 26, 2023 9:15AM ET
You forget that downmoves come fast and brutal in short time windows. What you call selling isn't even corrective