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Mr Banastand

Joined: 14/03/22

Comments by Mr Banastand
Caterpillar Dec 21, 2022 3:46PM ET
Nah all time highs again i guess! No recession here!
Caterpillar Nov 30, 2022 6:42AM ET
global recession next year and CAT at 52 week highs hmm
Gold Jul 06, 2022 12:07PM ET
Inflation gone forevor Fed wins again
Alibaba ADR Jun 06, 2022 12:03PM ET
Baba unch’d at close?
Alibaba ADR May 24, 2022 3:05PM ET
Baba returning to what it knows best, crash position!
Alibaba ADR May 16, 2022 2:37PM ET
Let baba go, let it go!
Alibaba ADR May 12, 2022 12:28PM ET
I have concern about BABAs going concern!
Alibaba ADR May 05, 2022 7:54AM ET
All the kings men couldnt put baba together again!
Alibaba ADR Apr 26, 2022 10:53AM ET
Alibaba ADR Apr 25, 2022 11:09AM ET
Idk elon musk may buy at $69.69
Alibaba ADR Apr 19, 2022 3:16PM ET
Covid, rates, ukraine, delisting…china needs a deal with SEC asap!
Alibaba ADR Apr 14, 2022 9:33AM ET
Ba ba bye
Alibaba ADR Apr 04, 2022 1:00PM ET
Charlie bit me!
Alibaba ADR Apr 01, 2022 9:31AM ET
Does this stock have split personalities?
Alibaba ADR Mar 24, 2022 10:45AM ET
Us statment speculators “premature” on delisting deal
Alibaba ADR Mar 17, 2022 8:57PM ET
Ethan M Corey is genius
Alibaba ADR Mar 14, 2022 2:21PM ET
yeah as you outlined lot of catalysts needed, not impossible but mkt recognizing low liklihood
Alibaba ADR Mar 14, 2022 2:16PM ET
Anyone see the babadook? This feels like the movie in real life!