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Mane Garrincha

Joined: 14/01/22

Comments by Mane Garrincha
EUR/USD Jun 04, 2023 1:20PM ET
According to CME Fed Watch Tool the probability the market assigns the Fed to pause hiking rates at its next meeting jumped up to 77% from 35% past week . This expectation will start being priced in the next days until the Fed meeting in June sending the EURUSD higher as the ECB will hike in June and July too
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 1:05PM ET
Let's keep on the good job King !
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 1:03PM ET
Gold at 2.400 in 2023
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 12:58PM ET
1.15 in September
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 12:55PM ET
Good luck Hari ! Plan your trade and trade your plan !
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 12:44PM ET
1.10 - 1.12 this month
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 11:11AM ET
Well done ! Happy Weekend!...:))
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 10:33AM ET
I Buy at 1.0728 - Target 1.0800
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 10:17AM ET
The deteriorating US Unemployment Rate leaves no room to the Fed to tighten more . Buy the Euro.
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 10:13AM ET
Day Targets : 1.0800 - 1.0840 . Buy the dip.
EUR/USD Jun 02, 2023 2:57AM ET
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 11:54PM ET
One step at a time. Let's get a base above 1.08 at London session and later some tries at 1.0840
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 11:39PM ET
correction : 1.0800 - 1.0840
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 11:38PM ET
Day Targets : 1.1800 - 1.1840
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 12:39PM ET
And one more truth : In trading , you start with big money and by studying fundamentals , intermarket analysis and technicals you make it bigger. If you start with small accounts and scalping nonsense you go nowhere. Simply , nowhere.
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 12:32PM ET
Scalping is the trap the Brokers industry has set for Retail Traders to step in , to overtrade , to think a chart and some lines will make fortunes and fleece them on spreads and commisions . You simply cannot beat the Market sharks in their own play , to trade the noise. And one more confirmation is that the most ridiculous forum members claim being pure scalpers. Like the one below who scalps the Yen and never goes to the Yen forum.....LOL
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 12:23PM ET
Big Institutions with billions under management succeed by having decent year over year gains by investing or swing trading . They certainly have no less knowledge and skills than the forum scalping charlatans.
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 12:20PM ET
Respect your money and time and avoid playing with the scaping nonsense. No money is made by scalping. Do not fool yourselves you can trade the noise. All this for serious traders with real and serious money.
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 12:16PM ET
1.10 - 1.12 coming this June
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 11:42AM ET
Gold hits 2.000 again . Gold at 2.400 this Year. Be Long Euro , Gold and Silver in 2023 !
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 10:50AM ET
It has to move clearly above the Daily R1 1.0738 to target the R2 1.0788 . But I think the R1 will be a bit hard to break today.
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 9:38AM ET
At 1.0728 I Close the second (still open) Yesterday's Buy at 1.0677 - more 51 pips banked and added to the 30 (1.0640 - 1.0670) , total 81 pips - All Trades , Real , Live and Posted !!........My posts are for Real Traders too !.....
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 9:08AM ET
Kind of you to say this Hari . Good luck ! Kind of you to say this Hari . Good luck !
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 8:42AM ET
Exactly. But in this forum we have short / medium and long time frame traders / investors too .
EUR/USD Jun 01, 2023 8:34AM ET
The good US Data has come to be a completely misleading factor for the American economy , as Americans : consume more and borrow more - hire more and borrow more - print new money more , ie borrow more - buy more houses and borrow more........In short , whatever they do , its done with new borrowed money . The bill is coming due ....